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explains why you have trouble getting the ears lowered


I was a Stefan man back in those days. Must’ve been taken in by all those Stefan infomercials that used to air on morning television. I don’t think that chain even operates in NSW anymore?

I remember going to the Stefan salon at the QVB when I was going for a job I really wanted- had the Fabio hair cut off and a facial, the only one I’ve ever had, at Face of Man. I’d just lost a heap of weight so I thought I looked pretty damn hot in my Roger David suit following that makeover. Aren’t I glad “selfies” weren’t a thing back in those days…


Just curious, anyone here sometimes go to or used to go to Wendy’s? As in the ice cream/Donut King rival.

They’ve really disappeared and changed in recent years, used to love their “megashakes” and hot dogs, now in shopping centres I’m only finding Donut King and tend to just go there for the odd donut and coffee or cold drink in the food courts.

At its expense, others like Schnitz, independent dumpling and asian stores, etc seem to be popping up.


They still exist? I havent seen one for years


Used to go to Wendy’s all the time but the one at my work turned into a donut king and they are few and far between now unfortunately :frowning:

Now branded as Wendy’s milk bar


They still exist, but must’ve been bought out or something, look completely different theee days and as mentioned very sparse. Also very modern with harsh lighting and usually in the middle of thoroughfares rather than a section against a wall in a court.


Yep, still do a decent shake. Recently went to both Eastland and The Pines. Haven’t had a hotdog for years, not sure if they still offer them. Too many better options at food courts these days.


Wendy’s was okay for milkshakes, but that’s about it. Their ice cream was never too great and they charged waaay too much for Hot Dogs.

As already mentioned, other food court options have improved over the years, especially in larger shopping centres as the likes of Ben and Jerrys have entered the market.


There used to be a Wendy’s in Mornington outside Safeway.


Loved Wendy’s Agro ice cream back in the day.


I didn’t even know ben and jerrys had any store at all just thought they sold ice cream in supermarkets


I know they have a stand in some Hoyts Cinemas.


Wendy’s was another franchise basket case that went belly up. They had over 300 franchises at one stage. Most of them shut up shop but the more profitable ones managed to keep going.


There’s two still in albury but they look stale as they havnt been upgraded in a while though must be hard being I shopping centers even donut king is the same and havnt upgraded even after the logo chance for donut king


Oops. :confused:


Still a classic Wendy’s in Belmont in Geelong.


Wendy’s got purchased in 2014 by a Singaporean group and it was downhill from there.

NZ-based article but outlines some of the issues.


Always found it odd that they used the Wendys name in New Zealand when you guys have the unrelated US Wendys chain there.


Yeah, I think SupaSundae was there first and certainly had more of a nationwide presence as the burger chain was only in Auckland until the last 5-10 years or so.


No turning back for Max Brenner now.