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The crinkle cut chips, gravy, choc milk u poured urself out of the big swirling tank and a bread roll with butter wrapped in plastic.

Much simpler times back then.


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The second stage of the redevelopment of The Glen shopping centre opens at 9am today. There are more than 80 new stores, including H&M, Uniqlo, Miniso and Robinson’s Bookshop.
Now the new stage is open for business, The Glen needs a new entrance (or two) for shoppers. At the moment, it is the only shopping centre in Melbourne accessible via basement carpark. The three entrances (near Coles, Terry White pharmacy and JB Hi-Fi) all lead to carparks, which is both inconvenient and dangerous. There should be at least one entrance for pedestrians at street level and it must be built before stage 3 (new David Jones store and new apartments) are completed in 2020.


That’s very odd for a shopping centre to NOT have pedestrian access at street level to the shopping centre itself.


I know. All the other shopping centres in suburban Melbourne, including Chadstone, Highpoint and Westfield-branded malls, have entrances at street level. It’s poor planning by The Glen’s owner Vicinity Centres (which also owns Chadstone).


Make mention of wendys and the one now near me has closed down


Woolworths has sold its 540 service stations to the British company EG Group for $1.72 billion. Under the deal, the 4c per litre fuel discount shopper docket will be maintained for 15 years. Caltex will retain its long-term petrol supply deal for the service stations.


Also got an email from Woollies today p, apparently all Caltex outlets accept the card Now.


I’m fairly sure that it’s an American phenomenon for shopping centres to not have easy street level pedestrian access. Most of their shopping malls are designed to be well outside of urban centres (unlike most shopping centres in Aus which are usually built next to an established shopping strip) and are usually surrounded by many many miles of asphalt for the car park. The only way to get to these places is by car, or if you’re lucky, by bus.

The closest thing I can think of in Sydney is Moore Park Supa Centa where there’s basically no street level access (you’d have to walk through the car park to enter).


That is true.

And a lot of American shopping centres are surrounded by open air car parks all the way around it.

They don’t seem to have much in the way of multi level or underground car parking either.


Nor do they have supermarkets or fresh food/produce in shopping centres (IMO one of the key reasons why dead malls are such a phenomenon over there).


While many major shopping centres in Melbourne are surrounded by open air car parks, the likes of Chadstone and Highpoint have entrances at ground level. Not so at The Glen.


There are a few open air Shopping Centers (not sure the proper term) in NSW’s Central West. Lithgow’s only shopping centre has no street access, although it is fairly small. Dubbo on the other hand had Orana Mall which is fairly large, but in recent years has had a multilevel carpark built around it.


Oh wow, there’s a YouTuber called BrightSunFilms who explores and talks about abandoned places including malls.

I have not once even thought about how there are no supermarkets whilst watching his abandoned mall videos.


This. I was surprised to find that malls in North America don’t have supermarkets - the supermarkets tend to much prefer standalone outlets over there. They really need that regular weekly foot traffic to keep the businesses going.

There are a few centres like that here in Aus with no supermarkets (usually ‘supa centa’ or homemaker centre style deals - like those Masters stores which were converted into Home centres), and for much of the time they really do feel like ghost towns.


The Canberra Outlet Centre, which can be rather dead on some weekday mornings and afternoons though busy at lunch time, is getting a supermarket and adjoining liquor store. I think it is a strategic move to increase weekday traffic.


Good to see much of Karrinyup centre stores moved or boarded up as their redevelopment finally commences.


the jindalee DFO in brisbane has a major issue with turnover of shops and feeling dead. I can think of at least 4 diffrent food outlets in one shop, and they seem to constantly have the $5 book places (the sign of a dying mall to me)


Gandall owns half of it, also half of Bayside in Frankston. Doesn’t he also have major stake in Vicinity?


I have been into a new mall inside the Westfield Carousel a few months ago and noticed that the shopping centre have got new shops - David Jones and a few other restaurants and food courts that have been opened - Canton Lane, Little Bangkok (have been there for lunch a few weeks ago), Zeus Street Greek (located in Level 2), TGI Fridays, Super Tetsudo. A new retail store H&M will open in November 22. Westpac Branch used to be located opposite of HBF, but in June '18, they have relocated next to Woolworths. A new Commonwealth Bank Branch was opened and was located near the Vodafone store. Coles have refurbished its supermarket with a new look and expanded butcher set. Carousel have completed its redevelopment in August 2018.

Grafton Street is a new retail that was opened in store K03 near David Jones. There have been a lot of changes where some retails have relocated to other places. (I have not been at Karrinyup Shopping Centre for a very long time. The last time I have been there was back in 2007.) it will see the shopping centre expand from 59715 to 113000 square metres. They will have a new mall and new retail outlets.