Monday (28.03.2022): Nat is live from the Oscars’ red carpet in LA this morning, alongside Nelson Aspen for special coverage.

Monique Wright is co-hosting with Kochie back at Brekky Central. Angie Asimus is reading the news.

Tuesday (29.03.2022): With Nat in transit, Monique Wright is co-hosting with Kochie this morning. Angie Asimus is reading the news.

Nelson is in Hollywood for the recap on the Oscars.



If you have the rights, absolutely. Any other time it probably would have been Eddy, but when you pay for the rights, you have to make the most of it.

They’ll have Mark Riley there, who is arguably better to do that coverage anyway. They might send Gemma Acton over as well. Plus Jennifer Bechwati is more than capable. There’s been so much pre-budget talk, very little will be new or surprising.


Nat is woeful on the ground this morning for Sunrise and now The Morning Show. She’s not a die-hard movie fan and it shows - like Matt Doran with Adele I dont believe Nat has even seen half of these nominated films.

If they must have her there she should be co-hosting with Nelson side by side not in separate locations. Nelson has better relationships with the celebs to get access and a much better movie knowledge as well.

Though I presume Nelson also has obligations with the US networks so might be unavailable.


Her segments this morning really gave off the ‘fish out of water’ vibes. She just seemed really awkward and didn’t know how to handle presenting in a red carpet situation.

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It just feels weird having their main host (a journalist who’s known for major breaking news coverage) to cover fluffy entertainment stuff. Surely they could’ve let Ashlee Mullany cover it or just let Nelson Aspen do it all?

Natalie Barr interviewed Michael Buble just last month and has done countless other pop culture interviews throughout her career.
I really don’t get this point at all.
Sunrise’s presenters are expected to be multi-faceted presenters, able to switch between light stories and hard stories - that is what makes them such quality broadcasters.


I don’t doubt she’s a quality broadcaster and interviewer but on this occasion for whatever reason, it just looked like she wasn’t in her best form. Perhaps it’s her first time at the Oscars and they usually send Eddy over so I guess it’s fair that she might not be accustomed to everything right from the get go.


Those red carpet slots would be a bloody nightmare I reckon - squished in and still early in the day LA time as well…


I doubt many, if any, reporters on the red carpet would have seen all those movies nominated for awards.


I don’t think you can really compare the two situations. With the Oscars, there are 53 films nominated this year, of which most were direct to streaming services, or foreign films, or documentaries. Like others have said, I wouldn’t expect many of the reporters there to have watched anywhere near all of the films up for nomination this year, unless of course it’s their job. Most of the people watching Sunrise probably only really care about Best Picture and the Australian actors up for awards, anyone who wanted deeper information would have gone elsewhere anyway. As ling as Nat is caught up on this, she can leave anything else to Nelson Aspen.

The Adele album, on the other hand was under an hour long. It would not be seen as unreasonable for Doran to have listened to the whole album at least once, and some of the bigger songs a couple of times. His job was to do a sit down interview one-on-one with Adele discussing her new album, and you can’t really do that if you haven’t listened to it.


There’s some funny moments in the clips.

Viewers rip into Nat Barr’s awkward Channel 7 Oscars red carpet coverage

Channel 7 viewers have flocked to Twitter to comment on Nat Barr’s Oscars red carpet coverage, with some calling it “the funniest thing on TV”.

The red carpet rookie looked visibly stressed as she braved the star-studded event, waving a packet of Tim Tams around and nervously playing with her hair as she tried to grab the attention of the megastars walking by.

Nat’s strength is reporting on serious news and hosting rolling coverage. Why she was appointed co-host of Sunrise given she’d have to cover entertainment news and celebrity interviews is something I can’t understand. They are trying to turn her into someone she’s not. She was very out of her depth this morning.

If Sonia Kruger was available then she would have been my preferred choice to send over.

Makes you wonder why you’d send a “star” reporter/presenter (unless they have cachet, like a Richard Wilkins or Nelson Aspen) and not just a US correspondent.

Didn’t @OnAir already say that she’s done celebrity interviews before? It’s not exactly a new foray for her even though the red carpet at the Oscars might be. She wasn’t great this morning but I’d put that down to never being in the midst of such an occasion before. They would usually send Eddy over but she’s on maternity leave at the moment.

Why does Nat not deserve to be promoted when she’s proven that she’s capable of adapting to new situations as she has done in the last few years. She didn’t just become good with serious news and rolling coverage overnight. She could’ve done better this morning but I still rate her as the best host of Sunrise since Mel.

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It doesn’t mean she’s great at it.

To me, Nat comes across as a lovely person, but is best suited to reading the news. Just my opinion.

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And most people disagree with you on that.


Wednesday 30 March -

Nat is hosting from the MCG this morning.
Angie Asimus is presenting news and Sam Mac presenting weather from Vancouver in Canada.


5.55am in Qld. Screen goes to black for a commercial. Nat could be heard saying she didn’t have enough sleep. She didn’t even make the 6pm news last night, crashed about 5.20.


It was also a replay of a segment of the early news! Major playout error.