You don’t need to remind me mate, I’m well aware of that. I was just trying to point out that one would be pretty pissed off if they’ve spent hours going through footage from the entire week, for it to not be used…but yes, I realise now that it’s being shown in other states.

There is more fluidity with a live program like Sunrise to move an interview that had to be cut out to the following day, whereas a segment lost on TMS weekend highlights would be gone for good and won’t be replayed the next weekend.

They still had guests booked and content lined up for a three hour show. The extra half-an-hour also ensured there wasn’t a gap in programming for Brisbane and Perth.


Nobody is wasting time going through hours of footage to produce a show that is essentially cheap schedule filler for a Saturday morning. They’d be referencing production notes and time logs to throw something together.


That’s life, they’d all move on.

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They honestly wouldn’t care, believe me.

It’s no different to coming up with 3 versions of an advertising pitch and only using one.

It’s life, it’s not something that is so engrained in people being so precious and in love with their work.

Literally the pre record highlights are drop and drag segments that are just coupled together with some intros. Wouldn’t take more than an hour to put together anyway.

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The Australian reporting that Michael Pell was offered a job by Piers Morgan’s team to work on Morgan’s new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, but as we know, turned it down, as he remains on a Seven Network contract in any case.

Probably would’ve been better if he took that offer instead and left Seven altogether.

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Are those new screens in the 3-panel (7NEWS Sydney) presentation area? Looked much crisper during the finance/money matters segment this morning.

I’d be very surprised if they are installing new ones considering they are moving soon


Thats what I thought but they’re looking far sharper this morning.

Nat in LA this morning prepping for The Oscars.



Agree. No doubt set changes will only occur when Seven (ATN) move later in the year. I’m expecting Sunrise, The Morning Show, 7 News Sydney and The Latest to have a massive on air change come this time.

I also think from 2023… other stations will align with these set changes. Maybe wishful thinking though, but definitely Melbourne will follow.


I dont think it gives credibility to Nat to travel to LA for the Oscars. Presumably if Eddie was available she would have gone. Personally I would have sent Sean White.


Why? Mel & Sam used to go to the Oscars when they were hosting…


If she was the host of a hard news show I’d agree. But Sunrise isn’t hard news. It’s bridges the gap between entertainment, news and sport, and therefore the Oscars are a relevant and noteworthy story.

If Lisa Millar or Michael Rowland were sent I’d probably have a problem with it, but for Nat to go is on brand for Sunrise.


So your argument is to not send one of the faces of Sunrise, who conducts live interviews daily, including regular entertainment interviews, to anchor 2 days of major coverage, and instead send the consumer reporter who interviews Samsung and Finder for packages, and always manages to fumble his live intros.

:thinking: Oooohkaaay…


Do we really need to have the anchor of any show go to LA for the Oscars? It’s hardly the big news event it once was. The ratings for this and other award shows is dwindling every year. Will Sunrise ratings spike to justify the money spent on the coverage? I doubt it.


That is exactly my point. They also have LA based reporters. If they must send someone send someone who doesn’t anchor a news show. I also don’t think Mel Doyle should have gone over to LA either as it isn’t a hard hitting news story.

The Australian reports that Nat will dash back from the Oscars to host Sunrise from the MCG on Wednesday morning, ahead of Shane Warne’s memorial service that night. Kochie will remain in the studio in Sydney on Wednesday. No one will be in Canberra for the morning after the budget.

However the whisper out of Seven is that Sunrise will lead off on Josh Frydenberg’s speech on the Wednesday morning, given Warne’s memorial isn’t until that night.


Sunrise’s ratings might not but it’s reminding people Seven have the rights to the Oscars so they turn it on this afternoon, whether at home, the office etc etc.
It’s pure cross-promotion.
Would they send their co-host over if they didn’t have the rights and exclusive access to key spots? Of course not.

You have a weird idea of what commercial breakfast TV should be.