Sunrise 2021 Refresh Mock

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and liked the one off mock I did for a “Refreshed” Sunrise in the Random Mocks section. As mentioned I am tired of seeing the outdated and quite garish graphics Sunrise have had on screen for almost 6 years now. 2021 would be simplifying the package, removing gloss and cluttering/uncovering. However still keeping some of the small details but in a softer inclusion.
It is time to get rid of the overly “Boxy” LIVE bugs, remove the horrible blue text and a fresh and clean font that looks simple, yet refined.

So far I have built everything out that would appear on screen for the Supers/ Locations etc.

Over the coming days I am going to roll out a whole package. I will look to expand this to the Full Screens, Title Screen, Transitions and News OTS

As always feel free to provide feedback/ thoughts/ ideas! I want to hear it :slight_smile:
Hope you like it so far!

The logo has been returned to a flat form, the tacky gloss is gone and it sits neatly in it’s white nook. There also is the option to drop the white for performances and just have the sunrise logo with a slight drop shadow so it doesn’t get lost on screen.

The animation from the Sunrise logo to the 7 logo, will return to the past package how the Sunrise and 7 logo essentially morphed from to the other. The core of the “sun” would be the main element that creates the 7.

The Live bug has returned to the position of the logo however incorporating it with the text.
Simple, yet effective.

Rather than saturating the whole package in red, Breaking News is the only template that breaks out beyond the normal super, the idea of it “breaking out” is to grab attention but in a subtle way without having to have scrolling breaking news text and everything flashing, which distracts from the information being provided.

For the 2 way boxes, not sure if I should keep the headers of the boxes square - similar to the ticker or to continue on the rounded edge from the supers. As you can see I have kept the main background pretty simple. Just utilising the logo’s swirls as simple background effects.

More to come! :slight_smile:


Very good! So much better than their current mess


Much better. Maybe the yellow could be orange or a shade in between.


Thoughts? :slight_smile:


I prefer that to the yellow.


Awesome stuff. The only thing that needs fixing is between that gap. It doesn’t fit the theme. Otherwise, I love it. :+1:

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Any suggestions? I deliberately left the gap to let everything breathe a bit. Should I bring it closer in distance to the watermark nook? (similar gap to lower third and the ticker?)
Now it has more of a “wider sunrise ray” shaped gap?


I would actually do the opposite - increase the size of the gap (ie match it to the length of the text to match the 7 News supers) to make the white strap more of a standalone element.


Haven’t forgotten about finishing this package off! Just have had some tech issues the last week, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Have been having a play around after taking on some feedback about the super. It’s not perfect, but initial thoughts on the below?


Not too sure about the V shape. Perhaps if the Super on the left curved around the Sunrise logo portion?

Not too sure what you mean here. The left super is curving around the sunrise logo (shadow)?

Absolutely love the overall look you’ve gone for here. I think the new curve you’ve added is a bit jarring simply because it goes in the opposite direction of the existing curves. Have you considered joining the left super to the Sunrise box? Similar to how the ticker meets the time box. You could also try curving the left side of the ticker box so it’s more in line with the left side of the super box above it.

But all in all, really love it!


This is what I meant but clearly did not explain it well :joy:

I agree, it’s a fantastic mock all-round.


Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:
I agree, looking at it again now it does look jarring. I’ll have a go at extending the super to the Sunrise box. I was just trying to let it all breathe a bit and not be all locked into each other.

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