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-Information from former website-

Nat is co-hosting in the place of Sam again this week and Matt Mitcham is on the weather duties this week.

Monday: Andrew O’Keefe co-hosted with Nat whilst Bec Maddern is covering the Bushfire emergency from Lorne. Sally Bowrey read the rest of the day’s news whilst Beretts was live from Constitutional Dock in Hobart ahead of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race finish.

This mornings show was very… off for want of a better word. I hope they are back to the ‘B’ team proper tomorrow (i.e.- NOT AOK)… or MM for that matter :open_mouth:

Matt Mitcham is woeful.

And not just regarding the presenters. The first segment before the break at 6.00 experienced several technical difficulties yesterday. At the start of the opener, AOK was talking out-of-turn before Nat began reading the headlines. He then was a few seconds behind Barr and stumbled a number of times leading me to believe the opener was done live. As the opener sequence played out, the Weekend Sunrise logo appeared in place of the Sunrise logo. And it kept on going. The V/O played over the top of Nat, Seven News ticker was underneath the Sunrise graphics forcing production to shut down the ticker etc. And during the news, the footage ran too short or too long and the wrong image appeared on the OTS. The ‘C’ team obviously was also in the control room too.

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Matt Mitcham is woeful.[/quote]
Have to agree. James Tobin, Emma Freedman and Nuala Hafner ( although I haven’t seen her for a while) are far superior. Is why James rarely appears because he is still reportedly ‘upset’ about not getting the weekday gig after Grant left or doesn’t Pell like him?

In terms of a relaunch, found this article randomly about a week ago:

Bec Maddern is back presenting news today.

That article is from Sept so IF it is to be believed then one would think that would be soon. Only time will tell but it is in need of a refresh. The current set up has served them very well and doesn’t look completely out of place but for 2016 it would be nice to see.

Let’s hope there is a whole lotta truth in this article. But odd this didn’t gain any traction anywhere back in September though?

Odd how the APN Regional Newspapers (of all media outlets, I think they only own about ten papers in Regional QLD and Northern NSW) got access to a story about Sunrise relaunching back in September but not the larger Fairfax/News Corp outlets.

And yes, I know that other areas of APN seem to have a good relationship with Seven (I’m mainly thinking of the radio side, notably WSFM here in Sydney) but still odd nonetheless.

Where did you read James is still reportedly ‘upset’?
Some really odd choices as fill ins for Eddy over past month.

So hard watching this week. Thankfully I’ve recorded it and can fast forward most of it.

Nat is on holidays from next week.

Edwina will most likely be co-hosting next week.

Fantastic [sarcasm].

Cant we have Bec instead? :hushed:

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I take it your not a fan of Eddy’s @Troiboi?
Just guessing it could be Eddy might even be Kylie Gillies next week.

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Sam might be back next week?

This morning at the start of the program Andrew told viewers they would be looking back at the biggest stories of the year, instead they didn’t… Anyone know what happened? There was no mention of ‘the year that was’.

@Travis how many weeks has Sam been on holidays?

Bumped due to all of the Cosby breaking news reports?

There was no explanation and as far as I could tell or the Cosby stuff was reported at regular news intervals.

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