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Sunday 25 November at 8.45pm


They were the glamourous “it” couple.

PR queen Roxy Jacenko; smart, stylish and successful.

Oliver Curtis, the high-flying wealthy investment banker.

Famous for being famous. Then it all came crashing down.

Oliver was jailed on insider trading charges and while he was in prison, Roxy’s life went off the rails.

For the first time, Roxy opens up about her crushing emotional breakdown and Oliver breaks his silence on life behind bars.

The painful truth is revealed on an emotional Sunday Night where nothing is off limits.


The usual lies from Channel 7. Sunday Night claims:

However, here is Roxy Jacenko on her nervous breakdown in a Mamamia podcast:

And Oliver Curtis on life in Cooma Correctional Centre:


I reckon the ABC’s Media Watch program would be interested in that one, surely worthy of making it to Media Bites at least?



Sunday 2 Decemner at 7:00pm


Back in the 70s, Australia fell in love with Susan Hannaford – Kitty in the hugely successful TV series, The Sullivans. A long time has passed – 40 years – and a lot has changed. Susan, especially. She fell in love with the idea of fame and fortune, reinventing herself as an American property tycoon. She’s made and lost millions, and currently resides in a fabulous mansion in LA, complete with private chefs, a butler, famous friends and luxury cars – or so it seems. Susan has created a bizarre world of her own, where she’s certainly the most famous inhabitant. But how much is legal, or even real? Sunday Night’s Matt Doran tries valiantly to find the answers. As Susan opens the doors to her home and family in her first interview in decades.


Thirteen years ago, Ben Felten went completely blind. He can’t see a thing. Yet it didn’t stop him from attempting the seemingly impossible. Zooming across a forbidding salt plain in the middle of the desert at record-shattering speed. Ben wanted to become the fastest blind person ever on two wheels. As Alex Cullen reports, it’s a blind ambition that could have cost Ben his life.


Is the show in repeat mode now? The Susan Hannaford interview is a repeat isn’t it, I seem to recall she did a follow up interview with ACA as she wasn’t happy with the way she was portrayed and made some claims about alleged advances from Matt Doran.


Yes it’s a repeat and so is the Ben Felten story.



Sunday 9 Decemner at 7:00pm


Mary Kay Letourneau made international headlines when she seduced her student, Vili Fualaau. She was 34. He was 12. Even now, some two decades later, you can’t help but ask: ‘What was she thinking?’. Mary said it was true love, but no one else saw it that way. She was jailed twice but, somehow, the relationship endured. Mary even mothered two children to a then underage Vili. Remarkably, they’re still together today. As Sunday Night’s Matt Doran discovers in this explosive interview, this is a family still grappling with the truth of what happened all those years ago. Does this case amount to a love story or is it something altogether different?


To his believers, he’s known simply as ‘The Healer’. Charlie Goldsmith claims he possesses a mysterious energy that can cure the sick using just his mind. The self-proclaimed energy healer from Melbourne says he can end chronic pain, cure crippling arthritis, even save lives. And he has plenty of patients who will attest to his inexplicable powers. But is he truly a healer or is it all a hoax? Reporter Angela Cox put Goldsmith’s claims to the test in a three-month-long investigation.


They stand up three metres tall, can weigh 700 kilograms fully grown and have a set of menacing canine teeth superbly engineered for one thing – eating meat. Unfortunately, that includes humans. Now, that isn’t a problem when polar bears are out roaming the Arctic pack ice. But environmental change is melting the place where they live and hunt and their frozen world is shrinking. And, faced with starvation, these formidable killers are now encroaching on tiny frontier settlements like Churchill in Canada – the polar bear capital of the world. Intrepid reporter Denham Hitchcock gets a little too close for comfort in this frightening encounter on the ice.



Ex-partner arrested over the balcony death of a Gold Coast cheerleader following major Sunday Night investigation

There’s been a major breakthrough in the case of Gold Coast cheerleader, Breeana Robinson, who fell to her death six years ago.

Breeana Robinson was 21-years-old when she plunged off an 11th storey balcony.

At six o’clock this morning, her boyfriend at the time, Dan Shearin, was arrested by Gold Coast police and is expected to be charged with the murder of the 21-year-old, as well as fraud and damaging evidence with intent.

The arrest follows a major Sunday Night investigation by Seven’s Denham Hitchcock in June last year which presented compelling evidence subsequently used by Queensland Police as they re-investigated this baffling case.

Denham Hitchcock has the exclusive details on Seven News, LIVE at 6.00.


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Returning for 2019 soon

According to Foxtel EPG returning on Sunday 17th February at 8.30pm.

Seven Cricket Coverage



Is ‘True Stories’ just a promotional tag line for the show or does it represent a shift in the show’s format?


You better hope so. Were they false stories before?



Probably changing focus the one story per episode format they trialed last year. Hopefully that’s what the “true stories” refers to.


Here is the story for the first episode for 2019.


Sunday 17 February at 8.30pm


Serge Benhayon is Australia’s most powerful cult leader.

He’s also a former bankrupt tennis coach who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci.

20 years ago, Benhayon created Universal Medicine after what he calls “an awakening” – a light bulb moment that occurred while sitting on the toilet.

To his followers, he is a healer, a spiritual guide and god-like figure. And they’re willing to pay millions of dollars to share in his wisdom and smooth their path to the afterlife.

Benhayon preaches a wild mish mash of religion, occult and science fiction, claiming that we’re surrounded by giant malevolent aliens. He’s wrecked marriages and destroyed lives.

Thousands of Australians have been drawn into the madness, including the well-educated, the wealthy and the well-connected.

In this explosive global investigation, Sunday Night’s Matt Doran confronts the man behind Universal Medicine and discovers how far-reaching this bizarre cult has become.

This 10th anniversary edition of SUNDAY NIGHT: TRUE STORIES hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven and 7PLUS


I’d like Seven to do an expose on the Paleo cult promoters. They are also dangerous, and well known.


I agree, although that obviously isn’t likely to happen anytime soon with Pete “Paleo” Evans having strong ties to the Seven Network.


To be fair, the show did push Evans about his paleo views when they interviewed him a few years ago