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Mel on Weekend Sunrise this morning.


Does anyone wish Mel was still on Sunrise?


This week Michael Jackson- special investigation with Matt Doran reporting.


Looks good. Hopefully it will get a good audience


Sunday 24 February 2019


Michael Jackson is without question one of the greatest performers of our time yet 10 years after his death his name remains mired in controversy.

To his family and his loyal fans Jackson is a mercurial Peter Pan - a broken but beautiful soul as innocent as a child. He even created his very own Neverland, a sprawling Californian ranch conjured straight from the pages of a little golden book. It was a fantasy playland for its hundreds of young visitors. But the cheerful façade hid an ugly truth.

Ten years after the King of Pop’s death, senior reporter Matt Doran uncovers what really happened behind Neverland’s wrought iron gates.

In a Sunday Night world exclusive, a former Neverland worker finally breaks her silence, recounting the shocking events she witnessed as she takes us inside Jackson’s house of horrors.

Plus one of Michael Jackson’s victims reveals the damning never before seen evidence that will expose the truth about the King of Pop.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT: TRUE STORIES hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven and 7PLUS


So much for “true stories”.


If the supposed findings are true then I suppose they live up to their name. But if it isn’t…Sunday Night and Seven will have a lot of explaining to do because:

  1. It doesn’t live up to its promise
  2. Unless they can do something about it, the show will go down the drain even more.


Well combining the classic ‘former staffer tells all’ tabloid story and a mostly discredited allegation of misconduct isn’t really helping Sunday Night.


Well that doesn’t sound good at all.


Isn’t 60 minutes doing the exact same story?


“Finally the World will know”. The World already knows. A quick Google search finds a former Jackson maid who tells all in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. A typical Seven “exclusive” that isn’t. The ACCC should look at Seven’s claims of exclusives.


Seven says she’s a security guard.

Nine says she’s a maid.


60 Minutes

Sunday Night

Both shows airing Michael Jackson stories this week…



The Sunday Night logo on the screen in the performance area is far too big and unnecessary.


Does anyone have the interview recorded?


Great story on Michael Jackson. Covered everything. Compelling. They showed part of a 2015 interview with the maid. Is this what 9 was showing?


Shame it rated poorly.


I watched both 60 and Sunday Night and thought Doran’s story was broader and much better than Barlett’s which focused mainly on the maid. The evidence provided by the victim from Germany in the SN report was compelling.


Sunday 3 March 2019


A plea from the heart or a bare-faced lie? Neil and Margaret Archer knew the nation was watching when they played up to the cameras, begging young mother Jody Meyers to come home. Jody had gone missing after a family party. Her fiancé Neil and his mother soon became regular fixtures on nightly news broadcasts, pleading for Jody to contact them. But they were shedding crocodile tears to cover up a murder. They’d actually buried Jody’s body just metres away from where they did their television interviews.

In this Sunday Night investigation, Alex Cullen reveals how this pair tried to hide their crime in plain sight and explains how the police knew they were lying.


Annalise Braackensiek appeared to have it all. She was a model and an actress and was adored by her two million online fans. But the happy, confident face she presented to the world was just a facade. Her glory days as a world famous model were behind her. And after 17 years, her marriage had ended. Few realised how much she was struggling.

As an ambassador for the mental health charity RUOK?, Annalise would travel across Australia encouraging men and women to check on their mates. But while Annalise was watching out for others her own life was unravelling. From the outside looking in Annalise was beautiful - too beautiful to have problems. So why did Annalise die alone in her Potts Point apartment?

Sunday Night’s Angela Cox presents this investigation into the mysterious death of Annalise Braakensiek.

This edition of SUNDAY NIGHT: TRUE STORIES hosted by Melissa Doyle airs on Sunday at 8.30pm