Sunday Night


Lol. They’ll be back.


Well yeah, but if Seven has still lost money. A big commercial incentive not to air scaremongering trash.

There are also two other commercial networks, radio stations and social media platforms which they could use to advertise, so it’s not like they need Seven. Seven needs them more.


‘however we have now pulled them for this program’.

They’re still advertising on the station, just the schedule has been changed so these adverts aren’t shown during Sunday Night.

Free publicity by the sound of it.


A small family owned chain of appliance stores that is splashing out on a few primetime slots? We’re not exactly talking Wesfarmers or Telstra here are we?


Watch this space.


I’m going to hazard a guess and say Matt Doran will be hosting Sunday Night again this week, judging by this from his Instagram:



Sunday 22 July at 8.20pm

Nearly everything about the disappearance of Helen Munnings doesn’t make sense. The young mother had just announced to her boyfriend, Adam Taylor, that she was pregnant with their second child. She was overjoyed, and why wouldn’t she be. But then, after a drive in the country with Taylor, she vanished. Never to be seen again. On that day, Taylor did something very strange. It was the middle of a Tasmanian winter, but despite the bitter cold, Taylor set out into the dark of the Bass Strait in his boat. What was he doing and where was Helen? Questions police have been asking since the 20-year-old vanished from the face of the earth. It’s a tragedy that has ripped a family apart. And a case that raises serious questions about the police investigation. So, just what does Taylor know about Helen’s disappearance? Report Alex Cullen asks Taylor the questions Helen’s family has been agonising over for the past decade in this major Sunday Night investigation.

Comedian Shane Jacobson is a man of many talents. He can act, dance, sing and even fix your dunny. He’s one of our favourite and funniest entertainers. And – as Sunday Night’s Angela Cox discovers during their great Aussie road trip – making people laugh runs in the Jacobson family.


Matt Doran hosting again this evening



Sunday 29 July at 9.00pm


It takes a courageous person to take on Russia’s all-powerful President, Vladimir Putin.

Billionaire whistle-blower Bill Browder has done just that.

But his relentless campaign against Kremlin corruption has come at an extraordinary cost – two of his friends have been murdered and Browder himself lives in constant danger of assassination.

Yet he remains undeterred.

In this major Sunday Night international investigation, Browder reveals for the first time how Putin’s cronies pulled off one of the most audacious thefts of all time and a massive money laundering scheme that runs from the Kremlin to London and all the way here to Australia.

Matt Doran has this exclusive report.


Seven claiming a man who talks to anyone who will listen, because he fears for his life, has given them an exclusive interview.


According to today’s Herald Sun, after the first promo for Dirty Money aired this week, Matt Doran received a threatening phone message. It said: “There are three flowers in a vase. The third flower is yellow.” The flower referred to is Gelsemium aka “heartbreak glass”. The Herald Sun article says that Alexander Perepilichny, one of Browder’s friend, might have been poisoned by the toxins from the flower.


More protests against Seven’s pathetic ‘news’ program.


Melissa Doyle is back hosting this week



Sunday 5 August at 8.00pm

We all know teenagers can be cruel, but what you’ll see in this Sunday Night investigation is truly confronting. Schoolkids targeting others students in spiteful, vicious and premediated attacks in the playground that are filmed and then posted online. It’s all in the name of winning social media ‘likes’ and fame, and humiliating the victims. Incredibly, some students even operate YouTube channels dedicated to broadcasting these malicious schoolyard attacks. It’s an epidemic that is destroying young lives. Angela Cox has this special report.

Thirteen years ago, Ben Felten went completely blind. He can’t see a thing. Yet it won’t stop him from attempting the seemingly impossible. Zooming across a forbidding salt plain in the middle of the desert at record-shattering speed. Ben wants to become the fastest blind person ever on two wheels. As Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports, it’s a blind ambition that could well cost Ben his life.



Sunday 12 August at 8.00pm


It was a declaration of war on Australia.

A plot to carry out terrorist attacks on our biggest cities that would kill tens of thousands of innocent people.

For nearly two years, 21 homegrown terrorists trained for the attacks under the guidance of an extremist Islamic preacher.

And if it wasn’t for the dozens of police who carried out the investigation, codenamed “ Operation Pendennis ”, they would have succeeded – changing forever the course of Australian history.

Senior reporter Denham Hitchcock leads this major investigation into “ Pendennis ”.

For the first time, the full, extraordinary story behind what remains to this day the largest counter-terrorism operation on home soil.

Sunday Night takes you right inside the massive, multi-state police operation, uncovering astonishing new facts and never-before-seen police videos, surveillance footage, the listening devices and stockpile of weapons.

And we hear from all the major players at the centre of the operation, including then Prime Minister John Howard.


Seven showed the wrong promo in Melbourne this evening. It was supposed to promote “Terror Australia” as above but instead it showed Matt Doran’s interview with Susan Hannaford (she is now suing Seven over this interview). Just then I saw this tweet.


That promo has been running the entire weekend, I’ve seen it countless times. I had wondered if they were airing a repeat of the interview tonight.

Edit: according to the EPG the Susan Hannaford interview is on tonight.


I wonder if the originally scheduled episode has to be postponed due to legal reasons or any latest redevelopments.


Perhaps not airing due to legal reasons?


They have been advertising the operation pendennis one in Sydney this evening.