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If Denham’s tweet is true, then not only will the Operation Pendennis episode not be shown in Victoria, but also not posted on 7plus afterwards. There will not be live tweets by the show like it normally does each week.
Did the producers check there were no current legal cases before having the episode scheduled? Also, there is already a book written about Operation Pendennis.


Interesting stuff, considering the story reeked of been a pre-federal election propaganda piece initially.


There was a rolling caption on Seven Melbourne at the start of Susan Hannaford episode, saying the scheduled Operation Pendennis episode could not be shown here due to a Victorian court order and it would be shown on a later update. Sounds like Murder Uncovered all over again.



How will that work in terms of 7 Plus, are they just not going to upload the episode or will the episode just appear depending on state like Seven News?


I think that episode will not be uploaded to 7plus until it airs in Victoria.


It is uploaded to 7plus.


Guess I will need a VPN to see it.



Sunday 19 August at 8.00pm


From a young age, Jemma Lilley was obsessed with serial killers. It was a disturbing fascination her family dismissed as harmless. She was hooked on horror movies, wrote about serial killers, even dressed like some of the world’s most infamous murderers. As she grew older, her unusual fixation on brutal violence and the macabre only intensified. And by the age of 23, Jemma’s thirst to kill was overwhelmingly strong. Sadly, teenager Aaron Pajich-Sweetman would be her first victim. Sunday Night senior reporter Steve Pennells investigates what drove Jemma to become a killer.


Kobie Donovan stands just over a metre tall and has faced plenty of challenges being shorter than most of us. But as Melissa Doyle discovers, this wonder woman refuses to let her size get in the way of anything, including her biggest dream of all – leading Australia to victory at the World Dwarf Games.



Sunday 26 August at 8.00pm


Seven seconds is all it took. Seven horrifying seconds to end four young lives. Kate Goodchild. Luke Dorsett. Roozi Araghi. Cindy Low. All killed when their raft tipped over on the Thunder River Rapids ride at Dreamworld nearly two years ago. It was a tragedy that profoundly shocked the nation. But, for one woman, the horror of that day is unbearable. Kim Dorsett was on holiday on the Gold Coast with her family. Both her children, Luke and Kate, died in the accident. For the first time on Sunday Night , Kim’s search for the truth about what happened that day – and how, amidst all the chaos, an act of courage saved the life of her 12-year-old granddaughter. Alex Cullen reports.


When it comes to having plastic surgery and spending money, Jocelyn Wildenstein is in a league of her own. The New York socialite – known as The Catwoman – has spent a fortune on facelifts over the years creating her unique feline appearance. Mind you, she could afford it, thanks to one of the biggest divorce settlements in history – nearly $5 billion. But now, Jocelyn claims she’s blown it all. Sunday Night’s Matt Doran sits down with Jocelyn to find out how this eccentric billionaire went bust. And, not surprisingly, things turn very weird, very quickly.



Sunday 2 September at 8.00pm


In the space of a few seconds, Ken Allen’s life was turned upside down – changed forever. The Victorian schoolteacher was on a lunchbreak when he got the startling news. He was the father of 11 children he never knew he had. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells takes us on a highly-emotional journey this Father’s Day as Ken meets his newfound family.


They stand up three metres tall, can weigh 700 kilograms fully grown and have a set of menacing canine teeth superbly engineered for one thing – eating meat. Unfortunately, that includes humans. Now, that isn’t a problem when polar bears are out roaming the Arctic pack ice. But environmental change is melting the place where they live and hunt and their frozen world is shrinking. And, faced with starvation, these formidable killers are now encroaching on tiny frontier settlements like Churchill in Canada – the polar bear capital of the world. Intrepid reporter Denham Hitchcock gets a little close for comfort in this frightening encounter on the ice.



Sunday 9 September at 8.00pm


It’s hard to believe but in a few weeks Olivia Newton-John – our Olivia – turns 70.

Join Sunday Night for this very special event – a look back at Olivia’s extraordinary career with the help of her dearest friends.

The classic hits, the blockbuster movies like Grease. The highs. And the lows.

Olivia is undoubtedly one of our most celebrated stars.

But in recent years, it’s her fight against cancer that’s been in the headlines.

Olivia sits down with Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen for this very candid interview.

She reveals the secret she’s refused to tell until now, and makes a startling confession that will shock her fans.



Sunday 16 September at 8.00pm


Ashley Coulston was an adventurer, a person who craved attention and fame.

And for a moment, he was famous – making headlines after an ill-fated attempt to sail a bathtub-sized boat from Australia to New Zealand.

But these days, Coulston’s infamy has eclipsed that short-lived fame.

As you’ll see in this major Sunday Night investigation, Coulston may go down as Australia’s worst-ever serial killer and rapist.

A smiling assassin with a thirst for pain and fame.

Senior correspondent Michael Usher leads this two-year investigation, making the case that Coulston is the prime suspect for a series of crimes spanning three states over three decades.

Unsolved violent rapes in Queensland and NSW and at least one murder.

Michael speaks to Coulston’s victims who were lucky enough to escape, and to others who knew him best – including his former girlfriend and the detective who has relentlessly pursued him for years.


Saw this promo yesterday. Another Murder Uncovered story that was in the can. Fantastic to see Seven re-jigging them to still air them, loved that show last year!


One week after introducing the Olivia Newton-John feature, Melissa Doyle was guest of honour at today’s Olivia Newton-John Wellness Walk at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. Olivia’s niece Tottie Goldsmith was also there.




Sunday 23 September at 8.00pm


Mary Kay Letourneau made international headlines when she seduced her student, Vili Fualaau. She was 34. He was 12. Even now, some two decades later, you can’t help but ask: ‘What was she thinking?’. Mary said it was true love, but no one else saw it that way. She was jailed twice but, somehow, the relationship endured. Mary even mothered two children to a then underage Vili. Remarkably, they’re still together today. As Sunday Night’s Matt Doran discovers in this explosive interview, this is a family still grappling with the truth of what happened all those years ago. Does this case amount to a love story or is it something altogether different?


Next to the mortgage, it’s without doubt one of our biggest household expenses. And if you’re finding it hard to pay your power bill now, brace yourself because gas and electricity bills are predicted to soar even higher. But there is another way – taking matters into your own hands. Pulling the plug and living off the grid. Matt and Geraldine Devine and their five children are among an increasing number of families here and overseas trading rising household costs and stress for a simpler, cheaper lifestyle. For the Devine’s, that means growing their own food, no television, no technology, and – best of all – no power bills. Denham Hitchcock reports.


Promo for this Sunday’s episode (NRL Grand Final night). Not sure it is new or repeat.


I think it’s a repeat from earlier in the year, looks like Rahni Sadler is the reporter.


Matt Doran of Sunday Night has now contacted extreme right wing fascist Blair Cottrell twice to setup an interview. The first attempt was abandoned after a couple of days filming, with the second attempt planned for a story around the knucklehead’s activities on Australia Day in January. Have to ask why Seven would bother interviewing this guy.