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Asian gang crime in the south western suburbs of Sydney used to be a huge problem. Current affairs shows were constantly running stories on it and debating immigration policy. Discussing it openly and police task forces focusing on it seemed to alleviate the problem. It baffles me that people want to ignore the African crime gang problem in Melbourne and not attempt to find ways to manage it.


Because the problem is overstated… Crime has gone down overall and it’s probably a ploy to influence civilians to vote for Guy at the election.

Anyways, here are some things to look out for tonight to see what clauses in the code Seven have breached.

3.2.1 In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must:

a) not include material which, in the reasonable opinion of the
Licensee, is likely to seriously distress or seriously offend a
substantial number of viewers, having regard to the likely
audience of the Program, unless there is a public interest
reason to do so; and

b) include a spoken warning before a segment that contains
material which, in the reasonable opinion of the Licensee, is
likely to seriously distress or seriously offend a substantial
number of viewers having regard to the likely audience of the
Program; and

3.3.1: In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must
present factual material accurately and ensure viewpoints included in
the Program are not misrepresented.

For the purposes of ‘naming and shaming minors under 15’

3.5.2: For the purposes of clause 3.5.1, a Licensee must exercise special care
before broadcasting material relating to a Child’s personal or private
affairs in a report of a sensitive matter concerning the Child.


3.4.3: Current Affairs Programs are not required to be impartial and may take
a particular stance on issues.

Will be interesting to see how the reaction is.


But there is still enough of a problem with disaffected youths and a solution still needs to be investigated for the safety and well being of those youths and other citizens.


The problem is that it’s hard to differentiate between a gang of Africans and just a large bunch of African kids hanging out after school or work (which is the norm in some African cultures with more collectivist attitudes than the West).

It therefore becomes a problem of whether the issue is being overblown and whether some examples are actually gangs or just misrepresentations.

A huge problem with the African gangs narrative is that it isn’t necessarily as major as other examples of organised crime, yet it has become a huge problem according to certain outlets. Yes, there needs to be something done, but it has become very dogwhistle-ish to the point that it’s actually making opportunities worse for African communities.

Also, I doubt Sunday Night will tackle this with any nuance whatsoever.



If Newscorp is to be believed, Alex Cullen has outdone himself. Fresh off the disaster Barnaby Joyce interview, his story on African gangs last night contained footage nearly 3 years old.



Sunday 15 July at 8.20pm

It happens in an instant. An explosive outburst of anger that all too often turns violent. Road rage can be triggered by the most seemingly insignificant incident. And despite the proliferation of mobile phones and dash cams, it’s happening more than ever. So why have our streets and motorways become a battleground? This Sunday Night, reporter Matt Doran gets answers from some of those whose lives have been ruined by a moment of madness.

Long before she met celebrity chef Pete Evans, Nicola Robinson was a high-flying model – her body her biggest asset. And like the other women you’ll meet in this medical investigation, Nicola didn’t think twice about having breast implants to make herself look and feel more attractive. But then she met Pete and his children and dramatically changed her outlook on life. Her breast implants were not only an embarrassment; they were making her very sick. Little did she know, Nicola had a newly identified condition that’s not only extremely dangerous but also very painful. Now, she’s actively campaigning to make women aware of the dangers of implants. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports.


Another Pete Evans story?

This show is beyond tired.


And everyone said 60 Minutes was rubbish…



Not mutually exclusive - both can be rubbish.


They have a right to protest against the report, but ignoring the crime problem will only give the likes of Andrew Bolt more ammunition. The community should have face to face meetings with victims of recent crimes to understand the impact these crimes committed by African youths have caused to ordinary people.


Why? There is no “problem”. It’s offences caused by a small group of people.


I get the feeling nobody will be able to report on anything slightly controversial without there being mass protests lately, if not in person then on social media.

I mean just the other day was reporting a backlash against The Project for talking about a miner’s voice.



Sunday Night shouldn’t have made this report about African gangs solely.

like what makes a gang with African members worse than gangs with members from other cultures?

it’s making people have a reason to hate a race as opposed to the whole gang issue.


Matt Doran will be hosting tonight’s edition


Not a bad idea given the controversy involving Alex Cullen.


The Saturday Paper has an excellent write-up about why this story is destructive. A very elegant piece by a member of the very community which Sunday Night attacked. Read it online or buy the paper and read it please.


Winning Appliances pulls advertising from gutter current affairs program.