Sunday Night


So it is a repeat of a previous episode, against State of Origin game 2.


I thought it sounded familiar.



Sunday 1 July at 8.30pm

To his believers, he’s known simply as ‘The Healer’. Charlie Goldsmith claims he possesses a mysterious energy that can cure the sick using just his mind. The self-proclaimed energy healer from Melbourne says he can end chronic pain, cure crippling arthritis, even save lives. And he has plenty of patients who will attest to his inexplicable powers. But is he truly a healer or is it all a hoax? Sunday Night’s Angela Cox has put Goldsmith’s claims to the test in this three-month-long investigation.

It’s the ultimate cold case. The body of a man is found buried in the snow, high on a remote mountain range. But this is no accident – he’s been murdered. His body though has been snap frozen in the ice, perfectly preserved, providing compelling clues to his fate. And it soon turns out, this is a murder case like no other. Steve Pennells reports on the amazing forensic work that finally solves this intriguing murder mystery.


Wasn’t Charlie on Interview with Andrew Denton recently?


The story about the Ötzi Iceman is equally out of date.


Angela Cox tricked by con man.


Quite disgraceful that a major network would use its supposed flagship current affairs program to promote and effectively endorse an individual who makes such unsubstantiated claims.

This program is fast becoming the dumpster fire of Australian journalism.



Sunday 8 July at 8.20pm

Barely a week goes by when there’s not a report in the news. African gangs running riot, terrorising, robbing, wreaking havoc. Yet we live in such politically correct times that, in Victoria, police have been loath to admit there’s even a problem. But there is. Just ask Melbourne widow Elaine French – she’s been robbed by armed African criminals not once, but twice. Not surprisingly, Elaine is deeply traumatised, but she’s also very angry and has bravely decided to speak out about these lawless thugs. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports.

It was a bolt from the blue. One minute the sky was clear… the next a violent electrical storm swept across the outback. Newlyweds Jess and Antony Van Der Meer were out hiking along Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory when the storm appeared without warning. There was no time to shelter before the lightning struck. And, in an instant, Antony was gone. It seems such an inconceivable tragedy, yet around the world deadly lightning strikes happen dozens of times a day. And as Steve Pennells reports, with our changing climate, these so called ‘Acts of God’ are becoming more common than ever.


Note earlier start time.


Why? Something to do with Ninja?


Alex Cullen is hosting this week, Mel is on holidays.


The Cullen haters won’t be happy.

They must have had a late change to the lineup, usually they would prerecord these weeks when Mel is away.


Or they should’ve had Angela Cox hosting.


Tonight’s show will be interesting, a lot of negative backlash online about the major story on African gangs tonight.


Both African gangs and violence against women are serious crime issues which need to be raised. People who protest against tonight’s episode do not realise the danger these gangs pose to local residents.


So where’s the Sunday Night special about white, middle class men who attack their partners?

Of course there isn’t, because this is the network that gave airtime to a neo-Nazi. Once again, this is just kowtowing to a racial dog-whistling that we see time and time again both within the media and the broader political sphere.


Indeed it’s been a major issue here in Melbourne for a long while.
If you live in Melbourne and read newspapers and watch news bulletins you will be aware of the problem.


I suspected that story would result in a lot of negative backlash on social media after reading the press release for this week’s edition of Sunday Night.

Although I don’t have any problems with Max Koslowski and Junkee putting their spin on the social media commentary (IMO the issue of domestic violence deserves more mainstream media attention from all outlets, not just Seven), there’s something I’d like to point out about their article…

No doubt the recent Barnaby Joyce interview was very controversial broadcasting by Seven & Sunday Night, but despite being the same program how could that be classed as potentially racist broadcasting?

As for the “African Gangs” story expected to be shown tonight, I personally won’t be watching it myself but instead of complaining on social media where Seven can easily ignore peoples tweets and messages, wouldn’t it be a better idea for people to write/phone/email Seven directly or if they’re unhappy with their response, to Media Watch, ACMA and the other relevant authorities?


I’ve seen more mentally ill people going around the streets riot then these ‘gangs’.

Also, just a insider note. Seven can be in very big trouble as they showed the face of a minor accused and are most likely going to use it tonight.


Funny though how its basically one newspaper, one radio station and commercial TV news bulletins.

The most recent time I felt unsafe in Melbourne was when a white person threatened to smash my head into a hand basin in a shop whilst I ordered a banh mi. Sure, probably if his guts on ice or something but that’s no excuse. The shopkeeper said he hangs around constantly, but never does anything wrong. Hmm.

This SN promo art least is most definitely a dog whistle.