Sunday Night


as if you expect integrity from a commercial television “current” ““affairs”” program.

I mean, they got the ‘affairs’ bit right, but even so


I’d say that this was a massive damage for the credibility of the show, but considering the garbage they’ve aired in recent weeks I think they already reached the level of zero credibility before they threw $150k at Barnaby.


It is interesting that they chose Alex for the story.

One could argue he is the least experienced of them all. Perhaps they knew it might not be the best look so didn’t want that to reflect on their more senior reporters.

Perhaps they should have had Mark Riley as a guest reporter.


Agreed. The countless Meghan Markle stories, the Jacqui Lambie dating story last week and now this… it’s not a good look for the show or the network at all.


Not to mention the many Diana stories last year.

Somehow I get the feeling that Seven just wants to trash Mel Doyle on this program. She should be back on Sunrise.


Media Watch reported that Sunday Night was 4th in its timeslot last night and suffered a massive switch off by viewers across the program, losing 500,000 in the first 10 minutes.


Eight years reporting for SN doesn’t constituted experience?


Not compared to the years of experience on like shows on other networks.

Tonight they released videos of the rest of the interview. Concluding the monumental mess up of this interview and story.


But that’s true of the entire SN team - Cullen has the most years reporting for this sort of show out of any of the current team. That doesn’t make him a good reporter necessarily but I do think it’s unfair to describe him as inexperienced.

They should bring Ross Coulthart back now that he’s left 60 Minutes.


Seven in damage control

AFTER a day of backlash from its “soft” interview, Seven has dropped a part two, revealing the answers viewers “didn’t see”.



Seven really misread the public interest in that story. They’ve damaged themselves really badly by this.

They paid $150k to a sitting MP to essentially talk to his constituents about rooting a member of staff, and then copped a week of bad press, and in the end Sunday Night got 600k viewers. Fucking good.


Yes Seven have severely misjudged the public interest in this story and are now suffering the consequences.
Sad to see the show this year go down this root,turning into a version of Today Tonight.
Many poor choices have been made this year.

You have a way with words :scream:


Indeed. It seems Seven are desperate to win over Nine as 60 seems to be beating SN on a regular basis this year. However, the way Seven are going about it isn’t right. Trashy stories regarding vile politicians and their love lives isn’t going to sell it.

How about finding a better lead-in instead of chequebook-journalism Seven?


While I hate these type of stories on shows like this. I personally feel that it was worse than something similar usually would be. Simply because there is a general hatred towards Barnaby Joyce and how he has been all over the media recently.



Sunday 10 June at 8.30pm


The Wanda Beach Murders are, to this day, one of Australia’s most infamous unsolved crimes.

They happened on a popular Sydney beach way back in 1965.

Two teenage girls, Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock, sexually assaulted, murdered and partially buried in the sand dunes.

For a shocked nation, it was a loss of innocence.

Who could commit such a crime?

It’s a question that’s tortured investigators – and the victims’ families – for more than 50 years.

Now, in a major investigation, Sunday Night will expose the killer.

Reporter Michael Usher reveals Wanda was just the beginning.

Police had the prime suspect, and the courts let him go.

Let him go to become one of the most heinous serial killers in modern history.

Incredibly, two women escaped almost certain death at the hands of this depraved killer and they help solve one of Australia’s greatest murder mysteries.


Much better story idea.



Sunday 17 June at 8.30pm

This Sunday Night, meet the modern-day Dr Frankenstein who is about to carry out the most radical surgery ever – transplanting a human head. Flamboyant Italian physician Professor Sergio Canavero says he has now perfected the techniques required to perform this previously impossible surgery. The doctor says it will allow the severely disabled to walk again by having their heads transplanted onto healthy bodies. Some say he’s a madman, others believe he’s a genius. And as Matt Doran reports, he now has a patient willing to put his life on the line in the name of science.

Just what drove Peter Miles to commit the worst mass shooting since Port Arthur? It’s a question everyone has been asking since Miles murdered his family last month near the idyllic seaside town of Margaret River in Western Australia. He shot his four grandchildren, his daughter and his wife before turning the gun on himself. In this Sunday Night investigation, Aaron Cockman – the grieving father who lost his family in the massacre – finally answers that question. Denham Hitchcock has this report.

Their catchy melodies, feel-good lyrics and sunny harmonies made the Beach Boys one of the world’s biggest pop groups. But behind the carefully-crafted image of these clean-cut Californian kids, it was anything but good vibrations. A tyrannical manager, bitter in-fighting and drug abuse almost destroyed the group at its height. It’s only now the remaining band members can finally open up to Sunday Night’s Angela Cox about those tumultuous years.


Watched Sunday Night for the first time in a long time tonight and it definitely isn’t what it once was.

Also, minor thing - but the ‘NEXT’ graphic is red with a red 'SN" logo on top…who approved that?? The logo blends into the background


Former SN reporter Rahni Sadler is six months pregnant with her first child. Rahni is currently a producer on Andrew Denton’s show Interview.



Sunday 24 June at 8.30pm


Bree Robinson had every reason to live. The vivacious 21-year-old had landed her dream job as a cheerleader with the Gold Coast Titans. She was over the moon, according to her family. Yet, late one evening, Bree plunged to her death from her 11th floor balcony.

Bree’s boyfriend, Dan Shearin, was the only person in the apartment with her when it happened. Police at the time eventually ruled the death as accidental. But, from the start, Bree’s family was suspicious. So much just didn’t add up.

Why, as Bree lay dying and volunteers tried desperately to save her, did her boyfriend stand on the sidelines and calmly call his lawyer? Was there a loud argument in their apartment just before she plummeted 11 floors from their balcony? And, in the month before she died, why did he send her so many obscene and violent texts?

In this major Sunday Night investigation, senior reporter Denham Hitchcock confronts the only person who knows the answers – Bree’s boyfriend, Dan.

We hear from the key witnesses, who reveal for the first time their chilling accounts of what happened that night and the clues that were overlooked by police. And we hear from Bree’s grieving family – her heartbroken mother, Elaine, and brother, Matt.

The compelling evidence uncovered by Sunday Night is now being used by Queensland Police as they re-investigate this baffling case.