Sunday Night


As if the whole thing wasn’t tacky enough and they unnecessarily plaster watermarks all over it.


He took a massive pay cut, she lost any chance of having a job in the government, something she was quite good at… all at the hand of intense media scrutiny.

So good for her/them if they can profit from the story. I don’t see a problem. There was a demand and they are the supply.


It’s because pretty much every Australian TV news division has forgotten what the concept of attribution is…


I don’t think so. I just watched a Ten News story and it had a ‘COURTESY OF 9’ watermark in the top right hand corner. My guess is that it’s the continual pissing competition between 7 & 9 at who can outdo each other which doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon.


Looks like Seven are feeling the backlash against Barnaby’s paid interview - now shifting the focus with a revamped media release and description focusing on …


She’s the woman at the centre of the biggest political scandal in decades, yet nobody has heard her side of the story … until now.

In an exclusive Sunday Night interview, Vikki Campion opens up for the first time about her illicit affair with Barnaby Joyce, their newborn son, and the pressure that almost drove her to do the unthinkable.

Raw, unfiltered and brutally honest.

Nothing is off limits as Vikki addresses the endless speculation about the affair and their working relationship, the showdown with Barnaby’s wife, the cruel and relentless attacks and the question of the child’s paternity.

And Barnaby Joyce takes aim at his colleagues over his treatment in the wake of the scandal that would ultimately cost him his job as Deputy Prime Minister.

But as Alex Cullen reports, this is also a very human story – at the heart of it, the couple’s gorgeous son, Sebastian, who became the most talked about baby in Australia.


Not sure what all the red wash is about, but the promo is a massive turn off for me.


Beetroot Barnaby? :rage:


Anyone else bother watching the interview? I made it until the first ad break. $150,000. Unbelievable.


Susan Hannaford, who appeared in that bizarre interview on April 23, will be on A Current Affair tomorrow (June 4). Looks like she will try to rebuke everything that was said against her in the SN episode.


Nope, watching Mystery Road.


Not watching. Lots of tweets from Media folk though.


That poor child will see that interview one day and it will likely cause him psychological distress. Joyce needs to get out of politics. They both need to remove themselves from the public eye and give the child a chance at a normal life. Cullen should’ve focused more on holding Joyce accountable for using the office of deputy PM in the way he did rather than turning the affair into a bigger soap opera.


I wonder how much they got paid for this exclusive interview.


Pacific Magazines is part of SWM, no? In that case, it’s possible this magazine spread would’ve been part of the $150k deal that they got paid as it appears that the photos were taken on the same day as the sit down interview based on what they are wearing.


I haven’t seen anything positive written about the interview - generally criticised for going soft and now everyone is an instant ratings expert and in their opinion it was a “disaster” :hushed:


Lot’s of them on this forum :neutral_face:


You can imagine that this hasn’t gone down well


Well it’s a bit fucking stupid to ask these questions and not air them. Regardless of whether or not he trotted out the same line time and time again, you play the question so you look like you’re actually conducting an interview rather than a hot stone massage.


For an experienced reporter its a little surprising, he was also really bad during a promotional interview on Weekend Sunrise on Sunday.


Let’s face it, he’s not that experienced. He was a sports reporter who was put on Sunday Night because they wanted to vacate the 6pm sports presenter chair to get Tony Squires in as they thought he’d help their ratings at the time.