Sunday Night


Paying for interviews isn’t new and I don’t see a problem with it in this case, provided the interviewer gets to ask whatever questions he or she wants. The story is in the public interest despite his hypocrisy (in wanting media to back off but now inviting them to hone in for a buck).

Vikki Campion’s side of the story needs to be told. She’s been silent so far and I bet if any critics were in the same position as decision makers at Seven or Nine on this, they’d bid for the interview too.


Serious question: Do the ABC or SBS ever engage in chequebook journalism for programs like Four Corners or Dateline?

If the answer is no, then Seven or Nine should never do the same when it comes to gathering stories for Sunday Night or 60 Minutes.


Hopefully SN rates a 0 for this episode and Seven learns that this kind of journalism is reprehensible.


Ways for Sunday Night to spend $150,000.

Option 1 : Give it to a politician. Interview the politician for one night’s program with a possible temporary boost in viewers along with negative publicity lowering respect for the program and network.

Option 2: Employ an extra qualified journalist and support them with resources to produce quality stories across the year with possible permanent improvement in both ratings and respect.


Won’t rate a zero :joy:


I don’t know if ABC or SBS pay but they’re not commercial media organisations. We aren’t comparing apples with apples.

I think paying for interviews is justified on occasion and it is rare. That’s why people get so emotional over it.


People understand that some interviews are paid for. The objection on this occasion is the person/s being interviewed and the reason for their notoriety.


I thought this tweet by Senator Derryn Hinch last night best summed up the episode.


That Lambie episode last night was an embarrassment and I am so glad it tanked in the ratings. Are they that desperate for content? She should have been sent to First Dates or another slot.


Is this just a pilot for the Real Housewives of Tasmania? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sunday Night slammed for this rubbish.


If this story was done by the ABC i can imagine the News Corp papers and the Sky News Primetime shows banging on about how our taxpayers dollars are funding such interviews like these.


And no doubt she was paid for that.

Possibly in Sexyland vouchers.


I am not surprised it didn’t rate. She’s no longer a Senator and was one for Tasmania. She’s not mainland material and would have been better used on a revived version of Dancing with the Stars or as a Sunrise panelist. I thought there was a golden rule that politicians were a major turn off on most shows. Why they devoted an hour to one is beyond me.

The ABC have done stories on her that actually matter, like how she managed her son’s ice addiction and stuff. This is unnecessary and unwanted.


WTF? It was the only story on?

That’s ordinary.


Yes it’s in 5 parts on their website. So over the top it’s not funny.



Sunday 3 June at 8.30pm

Seven’s Sunday Night will this weekend air an exclusive interview with Barnaby Joyce and his partner, Vikki Campion, also featuring their newborn son, Sebastian.

This is Ms Campion’s first interview since details of her relationship with Mr Joyce were made public, and she speaks candidly and emotionally about her experience.

The interview with Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen airs on Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.


This week on ‘insights into the love lives of politicians no one asked for’. Can only hope they forgo the sex toy segment next week.