Sunday Night


Melissa Doyle presenting tonight’s show from London for her Prince Harry & Meghan Markle story:


Looks good!



Sunday 6 May at 9.00pm

It’s a balmy night. Two best friends, Leanne Mitchell and Cindy Waldron, are taking a stroll on a remote Queensland beach.

They’ve been celebrating. Leanne has just beaten breast cancer. Arm-in-arm, they walk into the shallows.

Suddenly, Cindy cries out in shock and pain. Then, with astonishing force and speed, both friends are dragged out into the deep by a massive crocodile.

What Leanne does in a vain attempt to save Cindy from the four-metre man-eater is extraordinary.

For the first time on Sunday Night, she reveals what happened that terrifying night.

As Denham Hitchcock reports, Leanne’s story is at the centre of a fierce debate over crocodile culling across northern Australia.

It’s a debate that’s divided wildlife experts, among them passionate anti-culling crusader Terri Irwin.


Saw a promo for next week’s episode and it is about former Senator Jacqui Lambie trying to find a boyfriend?! :pensive:


Vale: Sunday Night 2009 - 2018 RIP :wink:



Sunday 27 May at 9.00pm


Jacqui Lambie is looking for true love.

The former Senator is certainly no shrinking violet.

She’s loud, opinionated and combative.

Yet when it comes to blokes, Jacqui’s surprisingly cautious.

Single with two adult children, there’s been no significant other for well over a decade.

And, after being forced out of politics last year, Jacqui found herself facing something of a midlife crisis – 47, unemployed and dateless.
It’s a situation faced by many middle-aged women.

But with Sunday Night in tow – and a little help from her friends – Jacqui has begun a new campaign.

She’s going all in, throwing herself back into the dating game and on the hunt for her Prince Charming.


Oh and desperate at least everyone is pre-warned she is on the prowl again! :crazy_face:


Bachelor in Paradise?


She would go all the way on a first date,no headache for her.:face_vomiting:
The Bogan Bachelorette would be perfect for her.:rofl:


Didn’t The Project already do this story with Lisa Wilkinson? I’d say it suited that show much better than Sunday Night, more fool Seven for picking it up I guess and I’m sure doing these kind of things obvioauly pay the bills for Jacqui currently…


Bachelor in Tasmania?

Australia’s ugliest and smelliest try to find love.


Shame they axed Family Feud :rofl:


According to The Weekend Australian, the highly sought-after interview with the pair was won by Seven’s Sunday Night program following a fierce bidding war against Nine’s 60 Minutes.

The couple’s six-week-old baby, Sebastian, is said to also be featured on the program.

The Weekend Australian reveals that senior reporter Alex Cullen will be the journalist covering the interview on Sunday Night — a deal he has been working on for months.


I don’t think a sitting politician, paid by the public to represent his electorate, should be charging to be interviewed.


Am I the only one who doesn’t give a batshit about interviewing Barnaby?


Seems like last year’s news.


Yeah that’s gross. The stupid voyeuristic poliwank over this affair is bad enough, but to bring the child into it is inappropriate imo


wont be watching . it just shows how low sunday night is becoming maybe thats coz 60 minutes ratings are always a lot more then sunday night . sunday night must be getting desperate


Seeing 60 Minutes were also engaged in the bidding war, they aren’t much better themselves