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Sunday 18 March at 8.30pm


To police, the brutal murder of popular teacher’s aide Stacey Thorne was an open and shut case.

Very quickly they had her lover, Scott Austic, in their sights.

They had the murder weapon, a knife discarded near Stacey’s home. They had Scott’s DNA on a drink can found on the road outside her house and, on his cigarette pack, were traces of Stacey’s blood.

Within days, police had Scott in custody. And in no time at all, he was doing hard time – 25 years’ jail for Stacey’s murder.

But Scott’s mother and daughter were convinced he didn’t do it.

And now a team of lawyers and forensic experts believe they can prove his innocence.

In this major Sunday Night investigation, guest reporter Michael Usher presents the convincing proof that crucial evidence against Scott was planted.

That Scott Austic has languished in jail for 10 years now for a murder he probably didn’t commit.

Eminent QC Malcolm McCusker describes Scott’s imprisonment as one of the greatest cases of injustice in Australia. And when you see this investigation, you will understand why.


Of course quite naturally Michael Usher has finally found his way onto Seven’s current affairs program if just as a guest after spending much time on Nine’s current affairs program 60 Minutes.


They are presumably stories that were already in the pipeline for the second season of Murder Uncovered.



Sunday 25 March at 8.45pm

For 20 years, Lee Barnett was on the run from police, a wanted woman. Caught up in a fierce custody battle, she kidnapped her baby daughter and fled the US, criss-crossing three continents to evade capture. Lee finally settled on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and got on with her life until the FBI turned up on her doorstep. Now, for the first time since being released from prison, Lee is able to tell the full story of her life as a fugitive - a secret hidden from even her own children. But that story is far from over. Lee is now campaigning to be reunited with her children in Australia.

From the outside looking in, rugby league legend Matt Cooper has it all – a beautiful wife, two healthy girls, a luxurious home and a place in Australian sporting history. But until recently, Matt had a dark secret – a secret that almost cost him everything. He was hiding a severe addiction to prescription drugs. Opioid addiction doesn’t discriminate, hundreds of Australians die every year, and thousands more are hopelessly hooked on strong pain killers. From superstars like actor Heath Ledger to everyday mums. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen presents this special health report.

Andy Hensel was a high-flying freestyle motocross star, fearless and always up for a challenge. But six years ago, his dream run came to a tragic end. Andy took off up a ramp hurtling more than 20 metres in the air, and missed the landing. He crashed the bike, broke his back and crushed his spinal cord. The accident left him a paraplegic. Enough, you’d think, to ground him forever. Not Andy. Sunday Night is there as he bravely attempts to fly again.



Mel on the cover of Stellar magazine this week.


Feature article on Mel in Stellar magazine:



Sunday 1 April at 7.30pm

It happened in an instant. Shanalee Hoad was juggling her three excited kids outside a dance class, when her four-year-old, Kya, ran off towards the road. His older brother, Calyn, took off after him. And, as Kya burst into the path of a 4WD, Calyn instinctively pushed him out of the way, taking the full impact of the car. Calyn was critically injured and doctors feared he wouldn’t make it. But he had a constant companion by his bedside every single day - his brother, Kya, who calls Calyn a “superhero”. Calyn slowly recovered from his devastating injuries, but then tragedy struck again. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen, reports on this heroic little boy who almost died twice.

Weekend after weekend we see it happen, young people over-dosing and dying at music festivals around the country. LSD, MDMA, a smorgasbord of hard drugs readily available, but they’re not always what the dealers claim - and taking them is a game of Russian roulette. In this special investigation, Sunday Night goes inside the festivals and into a highly emotional debate. Should we be testing the drugs our kids consume? These tests are controversial and illegal. But, as Denham Hitchcock discovers, they can also save lives.

Major Ben Carlin is the most remarkable Australian adventurer you’ve probably never heard of. In 1946 and just out of the army, Ben Carlin decided to circumnavigate the world by land and sea – in a jeep.
Carlin modified the endearingly-named ‘Half-Safe’, attaching a boat hull and fitting it out with a bed, a radio, a few rudimentary navigational instruments and a tiny cooker before setting out on his crazy mission. The epic journey would consume more than 10 years of his life and ultimately drive Carlin mad. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Carlin’s bizarre adventure.


It should be noted that it’s only on at 7:30 in WA. It’s 7:00 elsewhere…



Sunday 22 April at 8.30pm


Back in the 70s, Australia fell in love with Susan Hannaford – Kitty in the hugely successful
TV series, The Sullivans.

A long time has passed – 40 years – and a lot has changed. Susan, especially.

She fell in love with the idea of fame and fortune, reinventing herself as an American property tycoon.

She’s made and lost millions, and currently resides in a fabulous mansion in LA, complete with private chefs, a butler, famous friends and luxury cars – or so it seems.

Susan has created a bizarre world of her own, where she’s certainly the most famous inhabitant.

But how much is legal, or even real?

In this Sunday Night exclusive, Matt Doran tries valiantly to find the answers.

As Susan opens the doors to her home and family in her first interview in decades.

A Current Affair

Who knew Susan Hannaford was so cuckoo bananas but a genius crook? :crazy_face:


Susan Hannaford has issued a 42-page cease and desist letter to Seven:


Apparently on both Sunrise and the morning show they’re saying someone should ‘give the woman her own reality show’.

If the accusations against her are true then of course not, but I wonder if this may be part of the Ch7 plan all along.


It was clearly sarcastic and a joke, they didn’t mean it literally.


Peter Ford is gleefully tweeting about Susan Hannaford, but does anyone else care?


Why not? She is bizarre and a criminal in Australia, America and Canada.


She is a disgrace. Using a dead parent like this and lying about the fact they’re alive.


Scott Austic ‘wrongful conviction’ case referred to Court of Appeal following major Sunday Night investigation

The father of two, who has languished in jail for more than a decade for the murder of his partner Stacey Thorne, has had his conviction referred to the Court of Appeal.

The major legal victory announced by WA Attorney General John Quigley at the weekend follows a year-long investigation by Seven’s Michael Usher for Sunday Night which presented convincing proof that crucial evidence against Austic was planted by police.

Austic was convicted in 2009 and sentenced to life in prison for the stabbing murder of Stacey in Boddington, 120km from Perth. Austic, his family and team of lawyers and forensic experts have always maintained he didn’t do it.

Commenting, senior correspondent Michael Usher said: “We couldn’t be happier for Scott. This is a win for him, and his Mum and beautiful daughters who have fought hard for Scott’s innocence.

“They have an extraordinary small team of legal and forensic experts who have worked tirelessly to establish that Scott is the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice. We gave them a voice in our Sunday Night investigation, and helped shine a light on Scott’s plight.

“We know the WA Attorney General requested a copy of our report after it aired and this helped in the legal consideration for Scott’s appeal.

“We look forward, like Scott and his dedicated family and supporters, to seeing him receive fair justice.”

Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, added: “What Michael and the team uncovered is an indictment on the way WA police handled this case. The appeal allows all the evidence to be retested with hopefully far more rigour than at the original trial.”



According to a promo aired tonight, next week’s episode will have another look at Meghan Markle ahead of her wedding next month. Melissa Doyle spoke to Markle’s half-brother Thomas Jr, palace insiders and royal biographers.
EDIT: here is the promo.



Sunday 29 April at 8.30pm


When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk down the aisle of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle next month, it will be a moment nothing short of revolutionary.

A union that not all that long ago would have been impossible.

Join Melissa Doyle for this intimate portrait of Harry and Meghan – a thoroughly modern Royal couple.

As the Royal Wedding of the decade draws near, Sunday Night brings you the most extensive investigation so far.

Behind Palace walls, the inside story of their romance as Royal biographer and best-selling author Andrew Morton delves into Meghan’s past.

Meghan’s half-brother, Tom Markle, sets the record straight about those rumours.

And we hear from Harry and Meghan, in their own words.


An example of Andrew Morton’s ‘inside’ info on Meghan Markle. It reads like an excerpt from a trashy romance novel.