Studio 10

Why are Sarah and Nerelda in Canberra?


Tristan and his “always right” wife hosting today.


Has there been a week in the last ~6 months where Sarah and Tristan have hosted a whole week together?

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I really hope Sarah is back on board this morning with this huge breaking news. The other 2 don’t have the experience. I would put Lisa or Sandra on even.


They’ll certainly need to do something like that. I doubt 10 can sustain rolling coverage beyond the Studio 10 time slot, although they’ll probably start earlier. But yes, they’ll need some good hosting power this morning.


Yep Sarah was hosting coverage branded as Breakfast this morning.

Ange is coincidentally in the UK too


What rubbish. The same could’ve been said of Sandra before the Thredbo disaster, or even September 11. There’s one way to get experience, and that’s by letting them cover it.
Tash Exelby has covered plenty, including international war scenes. Lachlan Kennedy is hardly green. Narelda Jacobs is also a well respected news reader. All 3 have done rolling coverage to some degree…

Breaking News and rolling coverage has always been a strength of Studio 10 imho, this morning was excellent. I miss the days when the show covered more serious news instead of the clawless fluff they seem do focus on most days.

I was talking about Tristan and his wife.


Ok, I withdraw my statement. That’s fair.

Not coincidentally.

She was already in the US filming stories for Studio 10, given the news of the Queens health, she made her way over to the UK.

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Not sure of the cause, but Studio 10 ratings are higher than recent results. Still very poor, but up 20-30% including for the early and extra codings.


Due to the Queen?

Possibly caused by the lack of infomercials currently on 7 & 9 :laughing::laughing:

Sarah hosting today’s show with Beau Ryan.

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I miss the old format of S10.


I used to tune in almost every morning, you could say I was a pretty devoted fan from the early days.

It seems corny to say now but I genuinely think the show got me through some challenging times - now I cringe any time I happen to catch some of it.

How far the show has fallen.


Couldnt have said it any better myself @killy06. Studio 10 in the @blackbox era was must watch for me. I used to tape it every morning and watch it back and I loved it (I even loved the jingle :joy:). But nowadays I don’t go near it. Its really sad. It had such a good format, but it got ruined by executives.


How nice it is to see an intro to this show where the cast isn’t dancing