Studio 10

Tristan said at the start of the show that Sarah was off sick today.

Sarah MIA again today.


Very rare to see two men hosting any news program on television, good to see Studio 10 giving it a crack.

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Not sure if you can classify Studio 10 as ‘news’.


Was watching this morning, and after talking about the radio ratings released today, and Beau said (paraphrasing) “I wish they released TV ratings once a year” Ange: “Why? We want to know whose watching.” Beau (sarcastically) “People are watching?” awkward laughter.

At least they are self aware.


Ironically good ratings on Monday.


Well that’s Studio 10 with Beau and Tristan in 2022 then.


No, if Sarah is still on contract, then it would be her and Beau. Either way, they’ll be making every attempt to keep him on the show as regularly as possible.

Clearly the male eye candy is helping, but do both men work well together? If so, just add Beau as a 3rd presenter.

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Or they could just do a 3 presenter format and have a rotating 3rd host alongside Sarah and Tristan. For example:

Monday - Beau Ryan
Tuesday - Denise Drysdale
Wednesday - Jimmy Rees
Thursday - Craig Bennett
Friday - Probably someone like Charlotte Goodlet


What type of ratings are we talking about? A third of Today Extra?

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About 40% for much of the show rising to 70% for the extra part.

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Sarah is back hosting with Tristan this morning.
Beau said at the end of yesterday’s show that he would be back next week,most likely Monday.

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Sarah looked happy to be back :wink:


She couldn’t be more happy.

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You can see the sort of numbers that have ben discussed in recent weeks in the ratings wrap today.

Later, The Moring Show had 141,000, Today Extra 117,000 and Studio 10 52,000.


Better, but not great.

As long as they’re still making money with advertorials, then it will stay on air I guess.

It’ll have been on-air 8 years this November, any bets on whether it will make it to 10?

Studio 10/10?

Beau’s Back.

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