Ratings: Seven top network, Nine top channel and MasterChef top entertainment on Thursday

For the third consecutive Thursday there was less than 1 percentage point separating Seven and Nine. This week, Seven had a narrow win in network shares while Nine had the top rated main channel. ABC was notable for dropping by almost 3 points from last week as 10 and SBS posted gains.

Nine won Sydney (32.1%) and Brisbane (33.0%) with Seven winning Melbourne (30.5%), Adelaide (32.0%) and Perth (34.9%).

Nine won 25-54 with 29.4% and 10 won 16-39 with 28.4%. Seven finished third in both though it was a competitive night in the demos.

Standout entertainment program was MasterChef recording its highest Thursday audience of this season while the return of Foreign Correspondent dragged down ABC’s result, down 90k on Back Roads that had been filling the 8pm spot. New drama The Usual Suspects managed 150,000 for SBS.

Seven News did well for Seven. Home and Away’s (529,000 and 484,000) split coding delivered similar results to last week while The Front Bar (389,000) was up slightly. The Latest had 373,000 in preliminary numbers while 10 Year’s Younger had 144,000.

Nine News 6pm topped the night and ACA won its timeslot. NRL was down on last week but consistent with other recent results as AFL territories saw RBT (235,000) and Paramedics (163,000).

After MasterChef (599,000), Law and Order had 273,000 and Blue Bloods 151,000. Earlier The Project had 448,000 and 302,000 with 10 News on 392,000 and 272,000.

For ABC, Foreign Correspondent’s new season managed 360,000 with Q + A that followed on 233,000. Earlier The Drum was on 188,000.

For SBS, after The Usual Suspects, The Handmaid’s Tale was down to 136,000. Earlier Robson Green: Walking Hadrian’s Wall was best for the network with 219,000.

At breakfast, Sunrise had 260,000, Today 213,000 and News Breakfast 179,000.

Per market results were:

5-city Syd Mel Bri Ade Per
260 78 75 32 30 44
213 54 66 62 17 14
179 38 59 47 17 18

Later, The Moring Show had 141,000, Today Extra 117,000 and Studio 10 52,000.

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