Studio 10

It is hard to directly compare the ratings for Studio 10 to previously. Not only is there a lot of fluctuation (I think due to whatever in on in the tennis) the coding is now just one entry for the whole show, instead of three previously.

The number it is getting now doesn’t seem to be any different to the rating for the middle coded segment of the previous show. I did notice one morning that the BATB and ET encores rated slightly higher than Studio 10 - but that was a one off.

The Midday News that follows once again fluctuates, but seem to rate about double that of Studio 10 and is higher than what the last 30 minutes of Studio 10 used to achieve. So I suppose across the 3 hours (Studio 10 plus news) the average would be well up the previous results for the 3.5 hours of just Studio 10.


I think they need to give it a better lead-in than Judge Judy and Bold repeats. They should try the cooking shows or Entertainment Tonight which is simiar vontent.


This is great news for the midday news I suppose given its only been a few weeks too.
It’s a good production. Is it rating higher than Dr Phil did in that timeslot?

It is down about 10% from the equivalent week last year - though the numbers are volatile.


Thank you for the insight re the shows ratings. I do agree that it is tricky to compare the shows because of the 3 coding to the previous 3.5 hour show, to now - being just the one.

Although Studio 10 may be rating similar to the middle-coded-segment of the previous show (for now), at least the midday news is up. So that’s some small good signs there.

The lead-in for Studio 10 doesn’t help much either (being Judge Judy).

I think viewers have forgotten it exists tbh. Well hidden now at 10am.


Lead in is the Bold & the Beautiful.


Oh, it is too. I was just going by what another post said above. Thanks.

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no worries it may have been a recent change.

Not in AEDT markets at least where since the change it has indeed been the Bold repeats leading in.