Studio 10

What type of ratings are we talking about? A third of Today Extra?

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About 40% for much of the show rising to 70% for the extra part.

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Sarah is back hosting with Tristan this morning.
Beau said at the end of yesterday’s show that he would be back next week,most likely Monday.

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Sarah looked happy to be back :wink:


She couldn’t be more happy.

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You can see the sort of numbers that have ben discussed in recent weeks in the ratings wrap today.

Later, The Moring Show had 141,000, Today Extra 117,000 and Studio 10 52,000.


Better, but not great.

As long as they’re still making money with advertorials, then it will stay on air I guess.

It’ll have been on-air 8 years this November, any bets on whether it will make it to 10?

Studio 10/10?

Beau’s Back.


And front as well - at sometime during the show’s 18 hour duration.

Studio 10 marathon?


Just offer him the gig as a third presenter.


They clearly don’t want a permanent third presenter who appears all five days of the week, most likely for budget reasons.


If ratings increase so does revenue… get him on board.

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I also think Studio 10 are trying to replicate the other two mid-morning shows by having a two presenter format. Whether it’s going to work for them in the long run, who knows.

Having a panel of five was a good point of difference they had.

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Is Beau Ryan still the main “fill-in host” for the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Sydney? If so, maybe that is why he is not on Studio 10 on a daily basis? But i do think he is great on Studio 10 and the show needs him.

It’s as if giving the show a point of difference actually benefits it rather than it just being a clone of what’s on the other channels.

Looks like they’ll use him as a regular fill in and for features but probably him having to be away for weeks whilst filming Amazing Race (I assume it’ll get another series, probably filming in Aus again) would be one of many factors preventing a regular role.

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“Rivalries aside”

Beau’s Mystery Box.


Celebrating Angela’s Queen’s birthday honour.


This is your life.

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