Studio 10 (2015-2020)

What I think ten should do for breakfast is a straight news bulletin before Studio 10. Could slowly morph it into a breakfast show similar to sunrises’ formation.

I think Ten should create This Morning, based off the CBS breakfast show catching viewers in between the seriousness of News Breakfast/First Edition and the circus of Sunrise/Today. Have one newsreader (i.e. a Chris Bath/Anjali Rao/Hugh Riminton type) and an adaptive sports/news presenter (i.e. Matt White).

What CBS have found is that they are quickly building a loyal audience and have now become the fastest growing breakfast show in the US after numerous failed shows in the past.


Yes that is true. They have a serious news man in Charlie Rose and then in the 2nd hour (or at least they did) they introduce Gayle King for lifestyle/entertainment news. It is more serious than NBC TODAY and GMA yet still fun. They were well and truely behind for quite some time, and still are, but are starting to see some positive results. This is similar to studio 10.

I dunno. Hasn’t ABC News Breakfast got “serious” covered?

Larry & Kylie In The Morning sounds like fun and would be a return to his GMA roots for Lazza :wink:

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Ten should be appealing to the male market in the morning with a sport’s orientated breakfast show.

Base it in Melbourne and make it blokey and funny. If that went from 6-8am with a news bulletin at 8am I’d say Ten would be on to a winner.

Wake Up and Breakfast were far too female skewing and Seven and Nine already have those markets well covered.


Tens failure was also promotion … they just don’t promote it. Big reason they failed was that no one knew it existed. They promote their shitty shows to death to the detriment of everything else.


Maybe just not to my tastes but god that sounds awful… The AM Footy Show :weary:


No you’re right. That does sound awful.

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That is the target audience.


Who exactly is your target audience? Unemployed men? They’ll still be asleep at that hour.


The working male population. The right wing, traditional, blokey market who listen to Triple M or AM radio and watch The Footy Show.

There are a great deal who avoid breakfast tv altogether before their commute to work because it is too female skewing.

It would be good for Ten to do something really different with the timeslot. And being Melbourne based and sporty it would definitely do that.

And being a sports show based in Melbourne pretty much guarantees nowhere else will tune in.

And if you’re talking about family households guess who controls the TV at that time? Mums and/or kids. They won’t let dad tune in to some sports show.


I’m guessing the Big Sports Breakfast on Sky Racing doesn’t rate very much, and I doubt a similar show on free-to-air would get much more than than that. I think a slow expansion, starting 30mins earlier, of Studio 10 is the way to go.

You overestimate them as a “great deal”. I don’t have time to watch breakfast tv. I listen to the radio and most blokes I know do too.

Just added to the ratings report that the SAG Red Carpet rated 105,000.

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The last thing I would like to see would be a ‘male’ lead-in. Sports and footy and cars? No thanks.

Yes, there needs to be a lead-in news show. I think Wake Up failed because it wasn’t newsy enough. Demographic 7-830 is usually people getting ready for work. Needs to be more serious. Plus no advertorials. Tarsh would be good. And let Rob produce it.


Thinking outside the square…changing needs of customers commuting
Commute times have increased and will continue to increase…give the audience males and females something to watch on the train/bus in the morning
Do a deal with telstra and MMM…free streaming between 6am and 8 or 9am …get MMM to simulcast their 3 east coast morning shows (and Adelaide and Perth if mail skewed as well) on TenPlay, leave existing TV broadcast as is
no need to create new content, just tweak existing
then at 8am, 30 mins of news before leading into Studio 10
Cheap and nasty, but maybe there is an audience… thoughts??

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Why wouldn’t they just listen to the radio as they probably already do now?


The best and cheapest option would be to expand Studio 10 into the 7am-83am block

The format is working for Ten. And growing. This is by far the most successful morning show Ten has had in decades. No need to mess with it or launch a news lead in - expand Studio 10 as is, going a little
More newsy 7-9am

good point JBAR …a visual is always nice if they have guests though