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Well to kick things off I’ll mention that we launch a new graphics package on Jan 4. It’s an evolution not a revolution and the super bar is moving down as many have requested.

Also, the new opening titles will now also include Tarsh and Denise.


Awesome. It’ll be very interesting to see what this new graphics package is like! :smile:

I’m sure there will be critics :wink:


Looking forward to seeing it. Glad you are including Tarsh and Denise.

When does Denise and Ita begin job sharing? Next week? Also, I’m assuming Sarah’s on Maternity Leave for a few months?

Great. The super bar moving down the screen is what I want to see changed the most.

yep, the Ita/Denise job share starts next week. Ita will do Monday & Tuesday and Denise will do Wed - Fri (although some weeks this will change due to host commitments)


Does that mean the ten logo is also moving to the bottom. Can it be stretched or will that look awful - similar to Sunrise. Is it possible to have the ‘only regular’ faces on screen, before they walk out from the doors. Rather than having the ones that won’t feature in that episode

The TEN watermark will move in line with the new supers.

Re only having hosts that appear that day; not the path I want to go down. We are a family and I want Sarah to be part of the opener even though she’s away on maternity leave and I still want Denise and Ita to be seen on the days they are off.

On a side note, ASK ITA will still be on every day. We will pre-record her answers.


Long time no comment, but it’s crazy to see this show still chugging along and doing well whilst the Wake Up debacle is just a distant memory.

Can’t be long until Ten has another crack at the breakfast slot.


Can’t wait but should be good. Obviously Tarsh is now confirmed @blackbox to the maternity relief for Sarah.[quote=“blackbox, post:9, topic:97”]
Re only having hosts that appear that day; not the path I want to go down. We are a family and I want Sarah to be part of the opener even though she’s away on maternity leave and I still want Denise and Ita to be seen on the days they are off.
I disagree. Sarah shouldn’t appear, due for time restrictions, until she returns and the same goes for Ita/Denise. I always thought personalised openers suited better because when the opener said ," …with Ita, Joe, Jess and Sarah…" and one of them didn’t appear it was stupid. It would be like saying, " This is Sunrise on 7, with Kochie and Sam." but Nat is hosting.

Good. On of my favourite segments.

New or updated logo?

It’s not all that unusual to have something like that. I remember the NBC Today show (which admittedly I’ve not seen for a long time) used to have the main anchors named in the opener even if a fill-in host was appearing at the main desk and it would just be mentioned by the co-anchor that the fill-in was there instead. I’m not in production but I imagine it probably saves having to make individualised intros for every possible scenario/presenting line-up.

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I get that point but I disagree. I actually really like the American Style of Intro where its, for example “This is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Reporting Tonight, Harry Smith” style, as its their show and the fill in is just covering. If they weren’t adding Denise or Tarsh to the titles, then fair enough. But they are which is fine.

They still do.

It’s important for viewers to know that just because someone is away they haven’t left the team. Sarah might be on maternity leave, but she is a key member of the team and I don’t want viewers thinking she’s left.

However, I have already been thinking about specialised openers when we have a guest host (i.e. bus driver) when Tarsh is away.


The rings that sometimes sit around the logo have become a feature of the backgrounds and now also sit around the bug (although we can turn them off if it isn’t working).

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I don’t like rings or borders either. They look retro. Much better without them.

I also don’t mind having all the faces in the opening credits, especially if they’re job-sharing and appearing on various days. You can’t realistically have different openers ever time a regular host was missing or replaced. If people are that fussy there could be a voiceover that announced who the panellists are on that day as they walk out.

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Well, let me know what you think when you see it, although I accepted long ago you can’t please everyone.


Didn’t the show achieve similar figures around this time last year?

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It probably did, but overall for the year it is also up, according to a tweet from Rob in November:

Happy to report @Studio10au has increased it's audience 56% year-on-year. The little show that could keeps growing :)

— Robert McKnight (@rob_mcknight) November 23, 2015
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