State/Territory Politics


I am holidaying in Sydney so I had to listen to the coverage on ABC News Radio (on my way back from Supercars Newcastle 500) and watched the end of the count on ABC News channel in my apartment.
While I am not surprised that Labor was returned, the fact it increased its majority in the lower house surprised me. It even reclaimed the seat of Mount Waverley (my electorate) which had been Liberal since 2010.


Was that the TV coverage, local radio Melbourne or their own?


It was the coverage of ABC Radio Melbourne.


Matthew Guy has stepped down as Victorian Liberal Party leader after the weekend’s election defeat and will not contest next week’s leadership ballot.



"I would like to place on record my deep appreciation for the hard work of all my Liberal members in the last parliament. They were the most unified team of any parliamentary party in Australia.

…unlike all those backstabbers in the federal team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To their credit, they spent all their energy fighting their largest donor in court, so there wasn’t much left in the tank with which to use to throw leaders under the bus.


Many were urging him to resign for his poor efforts which led to the party getting smashed at the election.

“It is now time for all Liberals to put aside their differences at every level of the Party and work towards the Party’s most urgent and major goal which is the re-election of Scott Morrison as Prime Minister of Australia,” he said.

It’s now time? :joy:


Well, he can always work for Sky News :wink:


he is already on Sky News for the Conroy & Kroger show


He missed Jeff Kennett’s deadline but I reckon he’ll be happy.


Michael O’Brien was elected the new Liberal leader this morning, after the party’s stunning state election loss.


This morning, Labor labelled him “the Steven Bradbury of the Victorian Liberal Party” — referring to the Winter Olympic speed skater who won a gold medal after his competitors fell over — claiming most Liberal MPs preferred Mr Pesutto.

Kick them while they’re down. :joy:



Disgusting re-design to mislead people into paying the gov’t more than they immediately need to, including many busy people who may not be able to afford this trickery.
It’s a shame that the ACT Liberal party are such a joke (including being too far right for the electorate) because it seems Labor have been in power here too long.
Apparently the only way this will change is if Barr get toppled by someone else within the ALP (just bizarre).