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The difference is that Jack Lang was so willing to invest funds in infrastructure (namely the Harbour Bridge) that he sent the police to withdraw all the state government’s funds in cash so the federal government couldn’t seize it to pay off their debts.

Foley basically opposes everything but has no ideas of his own. NSW Labor is also very socially conservative while the Liberals are much closer to centre on social issues than their federal counterparts, so it’s a bit of a conundrum. A lot of people don’t seem to realise this and just blindly go ‘Libs bad. Labor good!’ even when it clearly goes against their own interests (e.g. animal welfare activists and the Greyhound racing ban).

The lockout laws would not change under Labor. They’ve basically said they’re OK with it and they would continue with them, just like Gladys and Mike Baird did.


Massive swings in Wagga Wagga by election.

Results indicate the Liberal Party’s first-preference vote has halved since the last election in 2015, with an almost 30 per cent swing against it.


Today was the final sitting day for the Victorian Parliament ahead of November’s State Election


so we are now in care taker mode?


Care taker mode commences on Tuesday, 30th October 2018 at 6:00pm.


Without warning, yesterday Tasmanian House of Assembly Speaker Sue Hickey released new strictly guidelines on how the media could report inside the parliament building. Under the guidelines, the media is prohibited form “lingering in the corridors in the vicinity” of the House of Assembly Chamber, Committee Rooms, the Atrium, Ministerial Offices, party rooms or individual rooms of Members of the House of Assembly, and the media can only film or take photos in the first 10 minutes of Question Time. The new rules were condemned by some opposition MPs and the Media, Arts and Entertainment Alliance.

I think these guidelines are unfair against the media. What does the Liberal Party have anything to hide via the state parliament?


Victorian parliament enforced similar rules when the new annex was opened recently. You’ll find its pollies of all persuasions trying to hide from scrutiny.

In addition, Hickey, despite being a Liberal member was elected as speaker with the support of The Greens and ALP, beating the Libs preferred candidate and doesn’t sit in the party room but has stated her support for the government in confidence and supply.


Hopefully this is the right thread to talk about this, but Maroubra MP Michael Daley will be the new Labor leader for NSW, defeating Kogarah MP Chris Minns in the leadership vote by a margin of 33 to 12.

Upper House MP and Shadow Environment & Heritage minister Penny Sharpe was elected as the new Deputy Leader unopposed.


Victoria looks like will re-elect the labor government. Must be relieving for those people who live down there to be living in a labor state. The oppressive federal regime has really impacted on this nation and NSW have had 8 horrific years under coalition rule. Good to see Vic and Qld have strong progressive leadership.


Not all Labor governments are good, just like not all Liberal ones are bad. In saying that, it appears Tasmania is back under a Labor/Green rule with Liberal speaker Sue Hickey siding with them again multiple times.

The state was a mess last time the Greens were in power with Labor and if it happens again we’ll be stuffed. There’s finally some signs of an actual turnaround with things under the Liberal government - although some things still need a lot of work (health) but when the Greens get involved we can kiss goodbye to anything like that.


I would disagree. There’s has never been a good liberal government in my opinion. Howard was oppressive on a federal level. Liberals hamper growth and progression of society. They are vile.

I have only ever voted labor. Even after 16 years of labor in NSW I refused to vote for the liberal party.


Personally, I think NSW politics has been horrific under both major parties for more than a decade - possibly even since Bob Carr retired. Can’t rate any of the three Labor and three Liberal premiers this state has had since 2005 overly highly.

But the sad thing is, there’s probably a good chance of Gladys Berejiklian being re-elected. Even though neither media outlet is a fan of hers, I can definitely see the pre-election commentary of 2GB and The Daily Telegraph being more friendly to the current NSW Government than Labor.

Luke Foley really had to be removed as NSW Labor leader, but I can’t see four months being enough time for this state to really know Michael Daley well. Perhaps history will ultimately prove me wrong, but right now I somehow think there’s more of a chance of seeing Jodi McKay become the premier in 2023 than a Daley-lead government happening next year.


I personally know the Daley family so I’ll be hoping for them to win. But I don’t think they’ll be able to flip that weird woman Gladys. The liberals are terrible but there’s still baggage with Labor in NSW. More conservative fundamentalism will prevail for a while crippling the population under more years of oppression.


Can’t progress in Tasmania when Greens are involved. We have 100% renewable energy but even that’s a battle.

Can’t create dams for Hydro - kills the wildlife.
Can’t create windfarms - birds fly into it.
Can’t do solar power.

Can’t advance the tourism industry because they’re against all of that too. Then rather than solving all the crucial issues it’s about ramming through birth certificates and things like that which the majority of people don’t care about - they want the ramping and health issues fixed, they want the pay strikes to be over but the Greens and Labor are into weird deals like the certificates without allowing any investigations into it all or releasing any detail about what they want changed and why. Very dishonest considering what they’re always banging on about with dodgy deals.

Labor were great with Jim Bacon (Labor), the state was booming then but all the Labor leaders after that just couldn’t keep that momentum going. Will unfortunately hasn’t lived up to full expectations but it’s much better than it could have been.


So in some context and analysis the Victorian elections results that overall Australians:

  • believe in climate change and want renewable energy and a comepkte rejection of the extreme right wing views that people want to reject Paris climate targets and a return to coal fired power stations

  • do not want extreme right wing social policies that a grounded in religious fundamentalists … we are a secular country

  • want money spent on infrastructure… this whole debt argument is flawed. Govenerments can be in debt for eternity. They are not profit making businesses.

So the right wing demagogues that try to rule the federal policy position like abbot, abetz, corman, Cash, kelly etc etc are clearly on the wrong side of what Australians want.


You know it’s bad when NewsCorp report the Liberal loss as a bloodbath.


I’m staggered by the scale of the result tonight. Had pegged Labor closer to 54% 2PP, but I (like many) was way out.

Note to federal Labor: ride the social progressive wave.

The Liberal brand is dead in Victoria, and on early preference counts the Nationals brand north of Melbourne is well shot too. May will be a bloodbath if the federal parties don’t take lessons from a directionless LNP


Nathan Rees problem was is that he is honest. He wasn’t in it for himself like some of the others on both sides are. Given more time I think he could have been a good premier. As we know he was rolled by the corrupt Eddie Obeid who installed “I am nobody’s girl”.


An adult teenager uni student, still on his L plates gettin around on busses, looks to have taken out one of the traditionally safest Liberal (and most affluent electoates) in Victoria, Bayside’s Brighton.


Victoria State Election - November 2018

Yeah maybe, but I’m trying to remember the reasons why Morris was rolled in 2008. Probably scandal-related like a lot of things during the last five or six years of NSW Labor?

With the benefit of hindsight, I also wonder what political leadership in NSW might’ve been like if Labor didn’t win the election they probably shouldn’t have in 2007. IIRC, Peter Debnan (spelling?) who was the NSW Liberal Leader back then wasn’t very good and possibly a major reason why the state gave Iemma another chance.