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Yeah, I agree. While though the current NSW Government been absolutely woeful at running the state for the past eight years, there’s still that baggage with Labor in NSW due to the horror years of the Late 2000s to 2011 and lacklustre opposition leaders prior to Daley. Even if he’s starting to gain some traction, I still think NSW Labor would’ve been wiser to choose either Penny Sharpe or Jodi McKay as their leader.

Overall I think the NSW Election is going to be close (we may not even know a definite result on the night), but with Gladys most likely returning either a minority government or a slim majority.

Why is the English grammar on that poster so poor?! :confused:

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Watching something on 7Plus and every second advertisement is for the NSW Liberals for the state election. 9Now is probably similar I’m guessing. It further shows the absurdity of the advertising blackout for radio and television broadcasters that started today.


Curious, who have the polls overwhelmingly been saying should win tonight? NSW Labor or Liberal? Searched Google but very convoluted to try and answer.


A Nine exit poll suggests the Coalition will win enough seats to form a minority government.


Galaxy Poll during the week had them 50-50 2pp.

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News poll today was 51-49 for the coalition.

The problem here is the infrastructure is going really well and we do need new stadiums but we can’t take handle four more years of extreme right wing oppression. The continual impact on people’s lives is horrendous. The current government is refressive and ideologically dangerous.


Thank you. So potentially very close, unlike the landslide down here a few months ago (which was unprecedented)… It’ll be interesting.

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Nah, I reckon it’ll most likely be either Penny Sharpe or Jodi McKay. A female against a female, which arguably should’ve been chosen to be leader of NSW Labor over Michael Daley back in November.

Unfortunately I’m fairly sure that some will actually want at least eight more years.

If any of Gladys Berejiklian, Andrew Constance and Dominic Perrottet are re-elected, then I’d probably have very serious questions about the entire electoral process here in NSW.

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Unprecedented? Kennett (92) and Bracks (02) say hello for bigger wins than Andrews’ last year.


True. *Unexpected (the extent) then


The NSW voting system of optional preferential voting being shown here. More than half of the voters in Goulburn only put 1 on the ballot paper.

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Tonight’s NSW election results shows Labor still has a lot of work to do if it is to topple the Coalition at the upcoming federal election. However, the voters have also sent a warning to the Coalition about its overspending on major infrastruture projects and delays.

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Successive NSW governments underspent on infrastructure for decades. Both Labor and Liberal axed projects. The axed Epping to Parramatta train line, axed city to inner west metro line and the failure to fully duplicate the Richmond line are prime examples. The last couple of governments have at least started multiple major projects, rail and road. I don’t like the idea of the metro lines, but at least they are being built.


Well we’re here now, so let’s do this! :slight_smile:

Before we go any further though, it has to be pointed out that I don’t have any strong preferences towards any political party because if we’re being realistic, they all have their flaws. The last few years of a NSW Labor government and the party leaders they’ve had since weren’t exactly great, while there are also flaws to be found with The Greens (some of their policies are just completely unrealistic, even if their stance on environmental issues is generally quite good) and the other minor parties on both sides of the spectrum.

Mainly because Gladys Berejiklian is not a very good politician (IIRC she was an appalling transport minister, much like Andrew Constance is/has been recently) although to be fair, she’s only continuing the damage that both Barry O’Farrell & Mike Baird helped start.

NSW Labor really needed a leader who wasn’t afraid to go harder on more controversial issues such as the lockout laws & pill testing rather than solely focusing on the stadiums. If they plan to be around for the next four years and more, I really hope Penny Sharpe or Jodi McKay will eventually become the party leader. Either of those two would probably be really good, I think.

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How do you figure?

NSW election featured an unknown opposition leader who stumbled all through the campaign and had few original policies. Completely different situation federally where the opposition leader has been the same for five years and there’s a clear policy difference between the the major parties.

I agree with ABC’s Brigid Glanville - there will be serious questions about Daley’s leadership, and rightly so. He does not have leadership potential and should be dumped. Let someone new have three or four years to get a name and some policies up and running.


Will Liberals and Scott Morrison now beat Labor and Bill Shorten come TBA I wonder?



For many people in NSW, Labor still has a bad image which is struggling to shake off of.


I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Scott Morrison still has a chance of winning the Federal Election just because NSW voted their Coalition state government back in though.

There have been a number of occasions over the years when NSW state politics hasn’t reflected the trends of federal politics at the time. The Berejiklian-lead Coalition NSW Government being voted back in at a time it seems Bill Shorten may become our next prime minister is all but one of them.


At a state level, sure, but not federally.


NSW politics, and soon federal politics, summed up by the cast of Drawn Together