State/Territory Politics

While the Lib/Nat alliance rolls on, with the nature of the Nats as a much smaller party, it makes it a lot easier for “colourful characters” such as Bruz to make it to the top of that party (and thus Deputy Premier).


John Pesutto drawing a line in the sand and testing him rumoured narrow winning margin by doing this but it has to be done. The scenes on the steps of parliament yesterday were horrific, she could have left but chose not to, you must hold a pretty shitty point of view if you find living breathing Nazis to be on your side.


The Nationals always seem to have numpties representing their constituents on both local and federal levels (hello Beetroot Barnaby, McCormack, Dawson as well as Barilaro).

Even the likes of Tim Fischer, Ian Sinclair and Sir Joh used to be fairly well-known for being ego-centric whilst holding a position of power. It’s mind-boggling that these relics of the past that is the Nationals Party are still part of 21st century politics.

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Always the ones you least expect (the ex-Melton councillor who replaced Bernie Finn on top of the Western Metro ticket)


Would be good if you could be just a tiny bit clearer. Not everyone is as up on the cryptic crosswords as you, Aerial.

Moira Deeming was the Melton council equivalent of Katherine Deves, spending most of her time on a one-person crusade against unisex toilets and extra jurisdictional complaints about Safe Schools.

Her anti-trans views weren’t a surprise to the hard right in the Liberal Party who placed her #1 on the Western Metropolitan ticket at the 2022 election. They weren’t a surprise to the party when she made her maiden speech in parliament, which Pesutto publicly backed less than a month ago.

To say I’m shocked by her involvement in this would be an overstatement.


Well now it seems to be Dan’s fault, naturally.

If Pesutto"s motion fails to get up, it will be clear once and for all the Liberal Party is no place for moderates, even those from the IPA factory.

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the notorious Antifa

What is it with Tories and importing culture war stuff from the US?

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Along with wrath, it’s about all they’ve got.

Ah, right. Thanks for filling me in. Typical Liberals, then.

I can’t wait for the NSW State Election to be over on Saturday so I don’t have to put up with all the bloody ads on TV! Over it ……

I’m surprised by the lack of press in other states. Especially considering how tight the polls are. Usually the media is very Sydney-centric. I thought it was still weeks off.


Dan’s fault.

Me too. Not that I watch a lot of free to air TV these days but I had no idea it was this weekend.

How interesting.

So what’s the general mood?

Odds are Labor $1.15, Libs $5.50. Labor Minority $1.50.

According to those numbers Perrottet is well and truly done. I still think it’s a bit unpredictable however. Not an election I’d be putting money on even at those odds. I guess Gladys would have been in for the win tomorrow had she kept her hands clean.


I agree, I think the Election is closer than that.

I think its a lot closer than the markets have it - I don’t think either side has really made a great effort of showing why they should be in charge (Minns has really disappointed me as Labor leader and I’m not convinced that more of the same by way of L/NP leadership is particularly warranted)

Its going to come down to who negotiates best with what could be a decently sized crossbench.

I’m not 100% convinced that Minns knows that if he became premier that he’d also be responsible for governing for an area on the western side of the Blue Mountains and beyond the lower Hunter and Illawarra.