State/Territory Politics

Sportsbet had Labor at $1.30 and Libs $5 in Victoria for about 6 months.

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Brad Battin has had a higher profile recently in Victoria, seems like he is cut from the same cloth as Matthew Guy and Michael O’Brien offering little more than contrarianism and cheap shots. Glad he didn’t win the leadership ballot. Seems like he is positioning himself to be a future leader. Pessuto’s leadership must be fragile, He won his own electorate and the leadership ballot by a narrow margin. I think Viclibs are still a generation away from becoming electable.

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NSW Upper House MP Peter Poulos has quit as parliamentary secretary for Wollongong and the Illawarra.

And the Finance Minister has quit for his scandal.

The scandal isn’t the five-year-old photo leak, the scandal should be:

  1. How long it took for any recognition of the leak/attempted intimidation
  2. The fact that it’s being accepted as a “people make mistakes” and “he apologised” scenario

Scandals, disarray…

Shit we must have an election soon.

God only knows what other ‘things’ will surface in the coming weeks lol. Anyone know about a car accident or something that he was involved in say a decade ago? Make sure it’s front page news tomorrow.

The NSW Liberal Party has suspended NSW upper house member Peter Poulos from the party for sending intimate photos of another MP five years ago and has dumped him as a candidate at the upcoming state election.

"The party will promptly fill the vacancy on the ticket in line with the requirements of our constitution.”

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Pearson’s statement

The latest Roy Morgan Poll on State voting intention in New South Wales shows the ALP on 52% (down 3% points since December) ahead of the Liberal-National Coalition on 48% (up 3% points) on a two-party preferred basis.

Primary voting intention shows the Coalition on 35% leads the ALP on 32.5%.

Not since the 2007 New South Wales Election have both major parties failed to secure a primary vote support of at least 40% in a New South Wales State Election.

Moira Shire Council in Victoria’s north east will be sacked.

These transport drama’s certainly won’t be helping Perrottet’s case.

I see Dutton couldn’t even be bothered rocking up to the NSW Liberal campaign launch. Instead they wheeled out that old fossil John Howard. Guess it shows how confident the Federal Liberals are in this election.

Albo should have a field day at QT next week since he keeps taunting Dutton about attending the campaign launch.


But maybe Perrottet thinks Dutton would be less helpful and more of a hindrance to his campaign.


It seems that despite Perrottet being from the same faction as Dutton he at least seems to be trying out new policies that are progressive in nature and in many ways seems willing to move closer to the centre as a government. It wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t a fan of Dutton, who isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s becoming Abbott 2.0.


God, how on Earth was that man ever NSW Deputy Premier?! He is the very definition of kakistocracy.

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