State/Territory Politics

This is what is so wrong with our politicians and advertising rules, they spend more time attacking the opposition than they do promoting their merits.

It should be treated like a job application and interview - you tell us why you’re the best person/party for the job.

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Andrews is the same, how often do you ever see him out in the regions? Yes, for the ribbon cutting ceremonies. He goes to Geelong to visit the Hospital or the University for some launch.

Anastasia copped some bad press also when up in Cairns, purely for the fact she never goes into the regions.

Who is the premier for all these days? Old mate out west?

Regardless of who wins tonight, credit must go to both Perrottet and Minns for what has been a remarkably clean campaign on both sides. Certainly hasn’t been the level of viciousness and personal attacks we’ve sadly seen become all too common in politics.


@captaincupcake How does Albury fare for NSW Election coverage given its essentially Victorian TV and radio down there?

Has ABC TV been taking the NSW 7pm bulletin the last few weeks like I think they usually do?

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Tonight’s sure to be an interesting night. Both Perrottet and Minns are in with a good chance to win though a hung parliament also seems likely with the way votes are starting to turn out. Heck both leaders are evenly-matched in this contest which is good for democracy.

Though the betting markets have an easy win for Labor (Labor $1.05, Coalition paying $10 to stay in power).

On FTA, there’s no coverage on any of the primary channels. ABC TV used to cut away here on election night and the week prior but don’t think they’ve done that for at least the last couple of elections. ABC News and Sky News Regional are the only options for coverage here.

On radio, ABC Goulburn Murray on 106.5 is taking the coverage from ABC Radio NSW. Also simulcast on ABC NewsRadio. Interestingly ABC Riverina on 675 is taking the AFL. Would have expected it to be the other way around.

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Good news for Australia if we are to have all Mainland states and the federal government under labor leadership. The move to continue to change the country and society can progress forward.

There seems to be a rejection of the ideological culture wars and lunatic fringe issues.

Still some time until this is confirmed but it’s looking promising.

Labor Majority seems likely.

Interestingly it seems that Perrottet, despite being from the same faction as Dutton and Abbott, seems to have his mind right in some places even as a conservative. Certainly gave it a good shot and seems to recognise there needs to be a need for proper change (unless if it’s all for show) for Liberals unlike that Dutton who’s keen to continue and wreck the joint federally.

I still think Labor’s policies are better overall and they’ve got a good potential to rule. If Perrottet loses then I wonder who moves into leadership? Ayres? Elliot? Kean? Starting to really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.


Possibly not - I’d rather vote for whoever is actually best to lead rather than simply voting for the same party every single time. I haven’t followed this government there much but I just hate the people who are so rusted on to a party they can’t ever look at anything else.

Tasmanian Labor is still an absolute mess and the way they’re going I hope they’re not in for a long time but unfortunately the lies they keep telling people are starting to believe and they’re forgetting the mess we were in years ago under them so I’m quite happy we still have a Liberal government here but if I was in other states I’d probably have voted Labor.


But Labor winning the mainland will vindicate the fact that they have the better government everywhere bar Tasmania with better policies and better people. It’s not like we should consider the Coalitions as the better government considering all the Coalition/Liberal governments are a mess on the mainland and they prefer fighting each other instead of Labor.

Liberals haven’t got a chance unless if they change their policy approach nationwide. Albo’s gonna have a field day at QT next week taunting Dutton if the Coalition loses :partying_face:

Antony Green calls the election for Labor.


He isn’t as crazy as those two. Problem with Perrottets pragmatism is his brand of Catholicism that drives his background. He actually had some half decent policies and some good infrastructure in the works.

Minns has been really solid in opposition and deserves a go. He will drive wage growth and a good housing policy. I’m not a fan of him axing much of the future metro projects but Labor is always going to do a better job for more people than the coalition.


Yeah, I agree with that and Federal Liberals I wouldn’t touch at the moment but it’s the constant refusal by many to even look objectively at things that I hate.

At the moment Tasmanian Labor is under control of Federal Labor because they were such a mess but until they get a new leader - and actually investigate what dodginess occurred with the last leadership change (O’Byrne leader for 2 weeks before going back to White) they’re hopefully going to stay in Opposition.

But anyway, interesting to see tonight’s NSW results and from what I had seen and heard Dom actually didn’t seem too bad and despite having religious beliefs he certainly didn’t seem to be as full on as many of them have been especially federally.

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Well this is the lowest point for the Liberal brand now. I guess it’s only uphill from here lol.

There is no bottom of the barrel for the Liberals. It’s only lower and potentially bottomless. Wait till they lose Tasmania (unlikely) and lose the Coalition agreement.

On the other hand, the Liberals should reconsider the Coalition agreement and put it out of their misery and get rid of the Nationals who keep tying their hands. The Nationals can target the hardcore conservatives and Liberals can move towards a proper ‘small-l’ approach towards a more progressive party.


Minns’ position on gambling has been appalling, especially when nearly everyone else has come out in support for change. I have real doubts whether they are going to be able to deliver some of their policies and it doesnt help some of them border on insane (like allowing the recreational use of Prospect Reservoir and signage of mobile speed cameras)

Ayres will likely lose his seat and Elliot didnt run - I suspect they’ll keep Perrottet

Just went to find the last time it was wall to wall Labor - 2007 to 2008 apparently but I remember when it was wall to wall Liberal at times too. Found this graphic from a few years ago though showing the rise of independent and minor parties but also the way the cycles change. I do think we’ll certainly be Labor federally for a long time to come and I’d imagine most states as well but it will slowly change again as it seems to.

Well done to Chris Minns, hope he can lead well.


That’s one black spot but otherwise I still think Minns’ got a better framework comparatively. Though it’s a much closer race policy-wise compared to the shambles in Victoria and Federally. No government is perfect but it’s who’s got a better range of policies.

Hopefully the gambling policies is something Minns will backflip on when he gets into office. It is a serious issue.