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Efficiency is the name of the game, if that is where he was, well at least he voted.

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This sentiment doing the rounds (mostly by the Libs and the SkyNews hacks) is completely ridiculous. As if appearing (or not appearing) at a booth on the day of the election is going to change anything.

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Considering we’ve seen anti government protesters calling for him to be turned to red mist and gallows being paraded outside his workplace I’m not at all surprised he’s voting early and without media coverage. If that’s the level of threats we’ve publicly seen, I’d hate to see what comes his way that isn’t released to the public. It’s really quite sad what these “freedom” types have turned Australia into.

Oh and I’m also reminded Matthew Guy voted at a prepoll in 2018, so you know, maybe Andrews just followed the precedent Guy himself set.


That’s actually a good point. The only ones who ‘lose’ out of Dan voting early, are the media. Not being able to run their stories from the ballot box.

Actually makes a bit of sense.

well this has been a boring election campaign, the attack ads from both sides have been very vanilla, and the debate felt like an everyday press conference.

if recent polls are right we could be headed for a minority labor government lead by Jacinta Allen. I think that would be a pretty good outcome for Victoria. I would like to see how Sky news reacts if the greens win the balance of power off the back of liberal party preferences.

But seems like the trend around the world is that we get the results we were expecting at the start of the campaign, and any movement during the campaign is a mirage.

Why would it be led by Jacinta Allen?

In the event Andrews loses in Mulgrave or the crossbench don’t support him as Premier, Allan as current deputy would be the obvious choice.

Predictions for tomorrow:

  • Labor majority
  • Coalition majority
  • Hung parliament

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But it’s a moot point because the recent polling trend still suggests a Labor majority. Ian Cook will struggle to get 15% primary and Andrews won’t lose Mulgrave to the Libs 2PP.

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It’s heartwarming that PRGuy is still around even after his “unmasking”

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Better Premier DA 51% MG 35%

Surely Guy must be moved on after this election.

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Will Andrews retain his seat in Mulgrave?

  • Yes
  • No

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My sister that lives in Mulgrave said there were numerous anti-Daners at her polling booth harassing her. First time she’s ever felt uncomfortable voting. Pretty desperate and low of these people.


and the cookers wonder why Dan voted early outside of his electorate


And this is the same people that keeps chanting ‘Freedom of Speech’ yet they try to stop others from exercising their freedom of voting.

I hope Andrews and the ALP obliterate the coalition tonight just to show up these stupids of how irrelevant they are.


That would be extremely satisfying.

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Guy thinks he can win though. The LNP Vic funeral is being held this evening I have been informed.

We’re quietly confident,” Mr Guy said at Serpell Primary School in Templestowe, in his electorate of Bulleen, on Saturday morning.

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I would be very surprised if labor lost. Hopefully Victorians will vote smart and see dan Andrews’s as the lesser of the two evils. I’ll be watching in bed tonight as the Liberals are blown into kingdom coke.

I’m always a liberal supporter but given Matthew Guy and his crap and the state of the liberal party at both federal and state levels I think a good kicking in the balls at the polls will give them the kick up ass they need in Victoria. In your opinion who was the last stable leader for the Victorian liberal party ?


Are they only getting the white votes ? What a joke of a campaign and photo

Saying they are all for Victorians but not having diversity on the main page speaks volumes to me!

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