State/Territory Politics

Interesting to see Jacinta Allan recommended as Deputy Premier because she is of the same faction of Labor as Andrews. Traditionally they appoint someone from the right.


Not a surprise to see that many resignations within the Victorian Government, no question that the pandemic had a far bigger impact on state government ministers in Victoria than any other state.

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since there is a long list, i will only post the ministers taking over from the outgoing ministers’

Anthony Carbines will become Minister for Police, Minister for Crime Prevention and Minister for Racing.
Mary-Anne Thomas will become Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Service
Gabrielle Williams will take responsibility for the huge reform agenda in Mental Health and continue in the renamed portfolio as the Minister for Treaty and First Peoples.s.
Natalie Hutchins takes on the Education portfolio and becomes Minister for Women.
Steve Dimopolous Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major EventsMinister for Creative Industries

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We should be so lucky that far right “personalities” in this country seem to be really fucking good at embarrassing themselves.

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Sonya Kilkenny, the incoming Minister for Corrections, Youth Justice, Victim Support, Fishing and Boating, was unable to attend due to COVID-19, and will be sworn in at a later date.

UPDATE 28/6: