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There is no thread for the 2026 Commonwealth Games but it looks like Australia might get the games (again) in 2026.

Adelaide looks by far the strongest bidders.

Other cities/nations to state their intention to bid include:
Papua New Guinea
Western Sydney

2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

The NSW state government has shown no interest so I think we can cross out Western Sydney.


Yeah, “Western Sydney interested in hosting Commonwealth Games” sounds like something that would’ve been a far more realistic proposition in the mid-late 1990s.


Perth placed a bid for the 2026 commonwealth games but cancelled last year. I don’t know why perth pulled out of the bid.
Meanwhile I think Adelaide will be strong favourites for the 2026 commonwealth games. Papua New Guinea doesn’t have the minimum capacity to host a number of events. I think This will be held somewhere in March. Similar to the one Melbourne hosted in mid march to avoid clashing with afl. However nrl went ahead in 2006. But after the commonwealth games finishes, crows and power home games will be played at neutral cenues to coincide restoration at Adelaide oval e.g. Traeger Park, TIO stadium, Cazaly stadium. (AAMI stadium grandstands has been demolished recently).


I was meaning the cities that also were interested but ruled out bidding


Look, Adelaide has the strongest Bid by far however I would love to see PNG host the games. Backing off hosting the 2015 Pacific Games and Rugby League World Cup hopefully they can host a games in the future. I want the other nations to host the games so that the Commonwealth Games can remain relevant.


The main stadium, sir John guise stadium holds 15000 in capacity and I would like to see an expansion of the stadium to 25k. This stadium will be used for opening and closing ceremonies and also athletics.
But in sep 2019, an election will be held in Rwanda to see who wins the right to host 2026 Games.


I have just finished doing some research. Commonwealth nations haven’t bidded for the Olympics very much which probably explains what is going on with the lack of bids. A few graphics I researched to make and show how bidding goes wrong.

Nations that should look at hosting the games include:
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
Isle of Man


Sports that don’t have or need a thread :+1:


Soggy sao? :rofl:


South Africa will host Netball World Cup for the first time, beating a strong bid from NZ to host the 2023 tournament.

Nine will show the 2019 competition from Liverpool in England in July. Who knows if Nine will still have the netball rights by then.