Space Invaders

From Saturday 27 February at 7.30pm

In a crisis of clutter? Call Space Invaders

Battling a clutter crisis? Overwhelmed and unable to part with the tiniest possessions even though your rooms are full to the brim? Anxious about your kitchen cupboard and want a change but don’t know where to start? Enter the Space Invaders who are here to help, from Saturday, February 27, at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

2020 was a year to forget for most of us, but out of the heartache and loss has come one big positive: never have our homes played such a vital role in our lives. Spending more time there than ever before, they turned into our sanctuary as they became more important than ever. No longer simply a place to sleep, eat and entertain, the home has become a workplace, a school, a gym, and somewhere to escape the problems in the outside world.

But what do you do when your crowded house is holding you back from your happiness?

Join Space Invaders, as declutter guru Peter Walsh, renovation queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan unite to help desperate families declutter not only their homes, but their emotions too. Our Space Invaders are on a mission to tackle the overwhelming number of items that have been accumulated by these folks and are now holding them back from living a happier life.

Each week the Space Invaders will transform the homes and lives of those who for whatever reason have found themselves drowning in mess and clutter.

There are many kinds of clutter, with most people being guilty of not even knowing how many things they have accumulated over time. Belongings are heavily tied to our emotions, and Peter will first attack the core reason why a family’s home and belongings are spiralling out of control. Then it’s time to pack up decades of treasures and memories and take them to a sorting facility, where they will be laid out to show exactly how much stuff they have and face the extent of their problem head on, deciding once and for all what stays and what goes.

Cherie will then weave her magic on the decluttered home, with just 48 hours to fix it up, improving the value and function for when the families return, sharing her reno tips and tricks along the way for viewers looking to spruce up their own homes.

Next up, former Aussie Pickers star Lucas Callaghan sorts through the trash to find the treasure. He has a big reputation for turning unwanted goods into fast cash, but can he find the hidden gems amid all that clutter and unlock their true value? Lucas will get valuations, help restore beloved family treasures and haggle over deals with collectors and buyers. Along the journey, viewers will learn the best places to sell their treasured possessions and find value where they thought there was none.

Authentic, emotion-charged and always good-humoured, Space Invaders will not only help those in greatest need but will also give out tips and tricks to help us all declutter and transform our lives and prove that the home truly is where the heart is.

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This could shake up the Saturday night schedule which is dominated by movies, and live AFL for half of the year.

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Sound like Seven’s 2003 show Your Life On The Lawn.


I vaguely remember that one! Don’t think it lasted long though…

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It was a poorly performing lifestyle show. I think it might have even been moved to a less competitive slot or played out in summer or weekends.


It’s a 10-part series, according to the above article.

Interesting choice of Saturday nights. There goes Tipping Point at 7.30pm. It has been a while since we have had 10 weeks of local version of Australian Television on a Saturday night from 6pm until 8.30pm (News, ACA, Space Invaders) .



Yes there are 10 episodes.

Episode 1 is:

Julie and Peter.

Empty Nesters Julie and Peter’s five kids have grown up and left home leaving behind lots of memories and a heap of clutter. Trapped in the past Julie can’t let go of the stuff that now fills her dining room, master bedroom and spare room and Julie’s daughter Katherine has had enough. She’s reached out to Peter, Cherie and Lucas to come and help her mum get rid of the clutter and move forward. 110 boxes of clutter of taken to a local hall where Julie and Peter will be faced with one of the biggest challenges of their lives - reduce the amount by 80%…

Eight of the episodes feature a couple with two centred around a single person’s clutter.


Actually doesn’t look too bad, would give it a go.

Looks like something that could sell to a streaming service too, this kind of thing would be popular.


Nothing like decluttering a person’s house to knock Australia’s favourite sport off its pedestal.

Somewhere, Pascall Fox sheds a tear.


Lol true :joy:

It wouldn’t be hard to knock off 10’s Saturdays though.


I KNEW Channel 9 hadn’t given up on Saturdays!!!


This has to have a ton of product placement to be viable in the 7:30pm Saturday slot…


Space Invaders “supported by”


Geez, the number of Sponsors there gives Carols in the Domain and major sporting telecasts a run for their money!

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This has to be making money before it even airs.


Nine has commissioned a second series of 10 x 60 min episodes that will commence production in the second half of 2021.

Distributor Fred Media has sold the first season to TVNZ in New Zealand and SBS in Belgium, with a further eight territories currently under negotiation.

Fred Media has sold the first season to Canadian broadcaster Quebecor Content for its French-language lifestyle channel Casa.

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