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New Patrick Gower doco coming soon.

That will be interesting to watch

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It looks like ThreeNow will get a new logo.

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Discussed further back

TVNZ has acquired the first season of Space Invaders. The de-cluttering show debuted on Nine earlier this year and has been renewed for a second season.

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The Friends reunion special is set to last 2 hours with commercials on TVNZ 2 tonight at 7pm. Shortland Street will now air at 9:05pm. People who can’t wait for the episode can view the new episode at 7pm on TVNZ OnDemand.

The whole special itself (without commercials) will run 1 hour and 44 minutes.

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Will it end up on 1 or 2?

So many Skinny ads during Friends reunion.

I know, right? Like it started Every. Single. Ad break.

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Very weird watching the Jaquie Brown diaries on TVNZ ondemand considering the majority of the show is filmed at TV3 hq at Flower Street

“The Jaquie Brown Diaries” is available now on TVNZ OnDemand. It was first shown on TV3 (now Three) sometime ago.

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I guess they helped pay the bill?


They would have paid a decent premium for it as well I imagine, it also played before the episode started.

Thank you for the heads up!!! Didn’t know it was on there. One of the best TV shows this country has made. Definitely weird for it to be on TVNZ. The first season at least was so linked in with TV3.

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“The Jaquie Brown Diaries”, in fact, was originally commissioned by TV3 (now Three), not TVNZ, and ran for two series.

I know.

Maybe this comment was a clue I had seen it before. I originally watched it when it first broadcast on TV3.

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Just re-edited the mistake I made earlier.

I have saw some of it when the show was on TV3 years ago

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Apparently, the Friends reunion was watched by about 909,000 Kiwis live, followed by a further 78,000 on-demand.

That’s insane.


Figures show that 888,770 watched it live on TV sets, 20,000 watched it while live-streaming and 78,000 tuned in later OnDemand according to TVNZ.

Bringing a total of 986,770 watched the special throughout the night.