Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

totally agree, there was nothing to hint that SCA was going to drop a 9 owned radio program, SCA were annoyed so that was their return serve


I’ve noticed that Sea FM are using 13 10 60 during local shifts which would conflict with B105 given the overlap in Southern Brisbane / northern Gold Coast.

@mcpaton is there any reason Sea didn’t get a “local” number the same as Triple M did?


Plenty of other markets that have some overlap that would fall in the same boat.

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SCA would have changed the routing of 131060 so calls now forward to Sea fm and not to B105.

They would be using postcode routing , so all calls that originate from Gold Coast landlines, or mobiles connected to Gold Coast towers get forwarded to Sea fm instead of B105.

Outside of the Gold Coast where B105 is received calls to 131060 would still go to B105.

The exception to this would be when network programming is taking place, in this case 131060 would be programmed to go to Fox fm etc.

I use to work in telco so very familiar with how these numbers work, and how they can be configured.


Sea Fm found they weren’t getting as many crossover calls as Triple M were.

Since moving off landlines it’s been harder to finesse these collection areas, as the mobile zones are much broader, and carriers tag their cell towers differently.


I’m aware how it works technically. I have also dealt with routing of 13/1300 numbers.

My question is because the Gold Coast stations have considerable reach into Brisbane and the Brisbane stations have considerable reach into tue Gold Coast - enough to even be included in the Gold Coast ratings. There would therefore be a large area where people could be legally listening to either station. The Gold Coast say that over 20,000 people in the Gold Coast licence area are listening to B105. SCA acknowledged this was an issue by getting a separate number for Triple M Gold Coast when they reconfigured the numbers to be the same for metro and regional.

Thanks, that quite interesting. So were 92.5 using 133353 for a bit before getting the 1300 number?

Maybe it comes down to the difference in music on the Triple M’s - it gives a reason to listen to an out of area station, which B105 and Sea being more similar removes to reason to not listen to the local version.


Is the regional Hit Network also using 13 10 60 now as a local number too? It only makes sense.