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Further article about it all here now:

Basic summary is usually one Music Director will now looking after 2 stations.


Matthew O’Reilly, along with his current role as Content Director for Triple M Adelaide, will also take on the role of being Content Director for hit107.



As if combining MD roles wasn’t enough within single networks, now you can supposedly program two stations in a metro market.

SCA are treating their stations as little regional McDonalds outlets. What a disgrace.



An article full of in accuracies including his positions and years.
A more accurate article can be found here:


SCA has released their Half Year results.

It’s interesting to note that Metro radio revenue is up 6.7%, whilst Regional radio revenue is up only 0.7%.


This is what happens when you strip 80 years of brand goodwill out of a business and then run a format unsuitable for the market.


Only part of the story though:

Regional radio revenue was up 0.7%, supported by the ongoing success of the group’s initiatives to attract additional national revenue to regional markets. National revenues in regional radio markets were up 9.2%.

“SCA was rewarded during the half for ongoing proactive steps taken to educate national advertisers about the benefits of advertising in regional markets. National revenues for regional radio were up 9.2% on the same period in FY2018 and up 22.0% on the corresponding period in FY2017. SCA’s trade marketing and education campaign will further expand in the coming months.”


SCA blamed the $226.9 million write down of its regional television network for the net loss after tax of $119.3 million. The company also attributed half the $8 million year-on-year decline in its TV revenue to Nine’s loss of the 2018-19 cricket rights.


You can imagine what NEC thought of that comment.


From Radioinfo:

Southern Cross Austereo have restructured the Triple M and Hit Networks, in what it says will be a radio first.

The role of Network Heads, Gemma Fordham (Hit) and Mike Fitzpatrick (Triple M) will extend to all metro and regional stations including the management of all shows and on-air talent.

Gemma and Mike will expand their current remit of five metro stations to 42 Hit and 36 Triple M stations respectively.

Irene Hulme and Mickey Maher have been appointed Heads of Music for the Hit and Triple M Networks with Irene to expand her remit from metro only stations to the 42 Hit and 4 Hit digital stations, and Mickey, who is currently Head of Content for Regional Radio, will now work across the 36 Triple M and 4 Triple M digital stations nationally.

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Doing more with less. Expect more unfit for market logs from thousands of kilometres away.


Yes sounds like a cost cutting move to reduce SCA overheads.

Doesn’t sound like good news for regional listeners.


SCA are parading on their FB page that they have the #1 and #2 commercial radio stations in Mt Gambier.

Last time I checked, they were the only 2 in town…


facts are facts - they are #1 and #2 commercial - even if they’re the only ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Those releases go to national advertisers who wouldn’t know they’re the only ones. All they see is #1 and #2 :slight_smile:


Just watch (or listen, as the case may be)

They’ll run metro programming outside of breakfast across all regional stations soon enough. This will only get worse and I predict some will get the arse. Why employ 20 monkeys and pay them an insulting wage that’d make the NSW DoE jealous when you can employ 2 and get the same result.


Exactly, so it’s misleading those who don’t (but should) know better.

Local communities need to wake up to the fact that a metro based owner of regional media is not good for them.

Local clients and community groups are now competing against invigorated intent for bigger national share, that comes at the expense of direct, local clients. Advertising costs are increased, reducing expenditure from local clients.


This assumes that a) people actually care and/or b) people know any different


Sad but true. :frowning:


SCA has promoted Angela Mackenzie and Brenton Clarke to new positions within the Adelaide sales team.