Southern Cross Austereo (Company)


In one of the most glaring oxymorons you’ll ever read; redundant and Steve Adler in the one sentence.

Yes, SCA’s chief engineer, good bloke and font of knowledge has been made redundant.

This is akin to losing Kyle and Jackie to ARN when it comes to engineering.

Another dunderhead decision by SCA that they will regret for a long time.

Shows SCA still don’t understand.


A behind the scenes look at SCA newsroom in Sydney.


The Federal Government has appointed SCA head of regulatory affairs and corporate communications Creina Chapman as deputy chair and CEO of the Australian Communications and Media Authority. She will start her new role on June 11 this year for a five-year term.


Good news for Creina.

Wonder who SCA find to fill the role?


From Radioinfo:

Southern Cross Austereo has become the first Australian radio company to integrate its stations directly with the Sonos smart speaker platform.

Sonos listeners can now hear Hit and Triple M live or catch-up by adding the station apps directly to their Sonos systems.

Read more at:


It’s been in Beta since December 2017 -


That’s … uhh … disingenuous at best. ARN and ABC stations have been available through iHeartRadio on Sonos for at least a year before SCA even started their beta.

And SCA’s ‘integration’ doesn’t even show the currently playing track. Weak sauce.


SCA’s head of regional media Rick Lenarcic will leave the company after 25 years, as metro and regional operations are to be integrated.



SCA can’t add up.

They haven’t owned these stations for 25 years for Rick to have been working for them that long.

Closer to being correct, Rick has for 25 years overseen many of the companies SCA have acquired since the acquisition of the largely worthless TV brand known as Southern Cross.

Meanwhile, leadership of regional matters is an unfinished effort, one example, 2RG still sits on a flood prone site and the audience is still reeling since Rick oversaw Al’s ‘retirement’.

Thanks to @JohnsonTV for the link, further frustrated by the myopic decisions of Grant Blackley and the board to be so excited by Stephen Haddad as CTO. He will do a far enough job but to install him to this role at the expense of Steve Adler.

Thankfully Holleran and Bruce are gone from SCA after the idiotic incompetency to let K&J go, however the current management, have demonstrated they’ve learned nothing, making Steve Adler redundant is the off air equalivalent of losing Ross and John from AW or K&J from 2DAY.


An opinion piece on Radioinfo by Brad Smart about the restructuring of SCA:’s-really-behind-sca-restructure


Random thought: The bio on Brad Smart says he used to be a journalist. There was a TV newsreader in the 1970s named Brad Smart at ATV0 in Melbourne. Curious if it’s the same?

EDIT: Just sent him an email via his website. He’ll be thrilled I’m sure :smile:


News article on The Courier Mail posted this morning that SCA in Brisbane is moving to ‘The Barracks’ on Petrie Tce


Somewhat of a surprise to me given that they upgraded a bunch of studio gear just over 2 years ago, but also not, because North Quay is SCA’s oldest Metro office.


They’re still going on this wasteful move?

Barker was talking this up in his time as GM since the redevelopment was planned, “one day we’ll be there”.

It’s total madness, been in their current location 16yrs, all digital and constant investment since.

Parking still no improvement either.




More ineptitiude in the metro radio division.


This is the best place to post this following news.


Music hub sounds like a great way to save money on music directors.


Already have - the Adelaide position on the Hit side has been made redundant, and I notice MMM Brisbane is advertising an Announcer/Music Manager (not Director, a Manager)