Songs lost to radio


Old Skool:

The Nosebleed Section - Hilltop Hoods
I Know - Dionne Farris

Pure 90’s:

I Can Feel It - Radio Freedom


Thank god for that, Triple J played it enough times last decade to make up for it’s lack of play in recent years.


nova 106.9 used to play nose bleed section a lot when they 1st started , bring back those days


This one features on my retro countdown from this week in 1995. Other songs in there that are suitable for this thread include:

No More I Love Yous- ANNIE LENNOX
Mr. Natural- THE MENTALS


Heard on Wollongong’s 2VOX FM yesterday arvo!


A favorite on FM104… and kinda symbolic of the station at the time… broad appeal classic rock and cool new stuff.


Oh yes!! That song just personified FM104 in '86 or so! I was there!
Love it.


Speaking of FM104, I’ve been (slowly) working through the list of ‘classic’ FM104 albums listed on this site.


From the ‘Huge hit in Aotearoa but not here’ file…

Karl Dilkington even featured it in one of his ‘Songs of Phrase’ on XFM…

I distinctly remember going to Christchurch in the school holidays and hearing this on 3ZM and Radio Avon… and everywhere in between…


I remember the band Altered Images, but not this particular song.


Don’t Hold Back Your Love / Darryl Braithwaite - playing right now on Easy Radio. Haven’t heard that song for decades! Released in 1990 it was a staple of B105 and QFM. It really takes me back to 1990/91.


I like “All I Do” from Daryl Braithwaite; 2XL/2GN/3GG play it very occasionally. It definitely belongs in this thread, though.


Yeah I bought his best of the other day. Enjoy the odd dose of Daryl.


Go to any uni party and you’ll get a full dose of Daryl. He makes certified club bangers™


Star 104.5 Gosford just played:

Chances Are - Invertigo

Released back in 2000.
There’s been quite a few pop/rock bands from that era that haven’t been played on the “wireless” for a while
Such as:

Vertical Horizon
Nine Days


Fun fact:
The lead singer of Invertigo was none other than Christian Argenti, who presented Talking Back The Night & The Greatest Years In Music on the SCA Localworks (now Triple M) stations.


no he doesn’t… that show isn’t on anymore.


Thanks for correcting me on this. I was going off from the website of a regional Triple M station that said it’s on air, but I guess they were incorrect & didn’t bother to update or correct it. :confused:


I’ve got Star in the car at the moment; I think it’s quite a good upbeat mix of AC for driving. They played this 90s classic yesterday:



Very much an ‘Australian’ hit.