Songs lost to radio


As a companion to the “Great Songs…” thread, I thought I’d start a discussion about songs that were once commonly heard, but rarely (if ever) played today.

My first candidate is Company Of Strangers- Motor City (I Get Lost). This was a fairly decent sized hit in 1993 (#26, but got a lot of airplay). I still very much enjoy it:


I agree re Company Of Strangers, ditto “Daddy’s Gonna Make You A Star”… equally good as “Motor City”

I gotta a feeling that this could be a LONG thread!
There’s so many forgotten classics that don’t get played at all these days.


Motor City was heard recently on SE QLD commercial radio. I can’t remember if it was Grant’s River or Zinc or the independent Rebel… but I’m sure it was one of those stations!


I’m 99% sure I’ve heard Motor City on River 94.9.


Great idea for a thread. I was only thinking the other day about songs and artists that radio has forgotten but I wish they hadn’t. The top of the list for me is Sharon O’Neil. And not just Maxine, but she had a few other really great songs. The only station I know of that still plays her is Breeze FM. I heard “One of a crowd” a few weeks ago and was like ‘wow’!


“Axel F” by Crazy Frog. Back in 2005, everyone wanted it as their ringtone and radio stations would play it constantly. Eleven years later and it is almost as if the song never existed. It is never played or mentioned anymore. Fans of the song probably think, “what’s going on, on…” :stuck_out_tongue:


I, for one, am glad The Frog is squashed. However, I’m thankful the CF rendition of “We Are The Champions” never made it to air (except on a certain community radio program in a WrongSong segment…).


Haha. I actually don’t mind Crazy Frog, but only because it makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood. :stuck_out_tongue:


Divinyls - When the good die young and Macinations- My hearts on fire.
Both regulars on 2SM Rock of the 80’s.
I heard My Hearts on fire last played on Canberra’s Kix 106 in 1991 / 1992

RNB / Hip Hop
Around the way girl - L L Cool Jay,
Another Bad Creation - Iesha
Played on 2day fm in 1990 after they changed from “in tune with today” adult format

Here’s Johny - Hocus Pocus, played a couple of years ago on Snow Fm
I guess I like it like that - Kylie Minouge on Kix 106 Canberra in 1992
Love and Deviotion - Michael Bow

Rise by Public Image.

Yes I have spent to much time listening to the radio over the years.


I just love this song!

I don’t know why…I remember it being the first track on the “Right On Track '87” compilation LP (which I still have).

I’ve also downloaded the 12" mix too (which radio rarely play ANY of more… except maybe the odd song on WSFM on a Friday or Saturday night).

On that same album above is one of the few rap songs that I’ve ever liked… “Holiday Rap” by Mc Miker G and DJ Sven… I haven’t heard that on the radio since 1987 either…

But I see can why some people don’t like either of these songs and why I’ll probably never hear them on radio again.


most likely Rebel


Rooms for the Memory - Michael Hutchence & Ollie Olsen (1987)

Charted at #11 on the Kent Music Report. Appeared on the Dogs in Space soundtrack & the '87 Hits Out compilation.

Invincible - Pat Benatar (1985)

Charted at #23 on the Kent Music Report. Rarely heard on Brisbane commercial radio apart from an occasional inclusion in the Cold 30 on Triple M & possibly River 94.9 FM.


I had the cassette of that 1987 Right on Track ,it had a yellow background with black writing


Toni Childs- I’ve Got To Go Now. At over six minutes duration, it’s easy to see why it isn’t played, but it did have a good run in the early 90s. Another powerful female vocal track.


ahh Stop Your Fussin’ :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Great songs heard on radio

Your time will come.


Don’t Walk Away! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like that one😊


You lot have Many Rivers To Cross :wink:

All great tracks btw


All the crappy jokes… haw haw…

I’ve got to go now.