Songs lost to radio


Another one from Jona Lewie -"You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties " his very first hit 1980


A favorite of 106.9 QFM back in the day… they certainly thrashed it…

While B105 and 104.5 played it a little, the song was constrained by dayparting…

Barely a hit anywhere else in the world, a minor hit in Australia…

Yet a huge hit in parts of Brisbane/Ipswich thanks to the Q.


The former Coast Rock FM (now Sea FM) used to play that song quite a bit down in these parts too…

I agree, still deserves a bit of airplay these days.


Shakin Stevens,“This Old House” and "You Drive Me Crazy"Watching old 'Countdown ’ and 'Rock Arena ’ episodes recently as part of Retro month on 'Rage ’ I’ve heard songs that aren’t heard on radio anymore


One of my first music memories was seeing the Shakin Stevens clip for “You Drive Me Crazy” on Countdown.

Hard to believe that is not far off 40 years ago now!


I do remember this song,great song :+1:deserves more airplay


Breeze just played Paul Mac’s “The Sound of Breaking Up” - that’s got to be a song I haven’t heard anywhere well in excess of 10 years. I remember that being an absolute staple of Bay FM Geelong back in the early 2000s (and probably other similar stations), but it’s totally disappeared since

I was never a Paul Mac fan (I hated his involvement in The Dissociatives as at the time I saw it as the beginning of the end of the ‘good’ Silverchair), but never minded this song, and hearing it now it has actually aged quite well


Good song!
I also liked “Just The Thing” and “Gonna Miss You”, featuring Abby Dobson, who I reckon has a fantastic voice.

Which brings me to Leonardo’s Bride…
I haven’t heard “Even When I’m Sleeping” or “Buddha Baby” on the radio for probably 15 years as well.
I particularly liked “Buddha Baby”


I’m not sure how big Minder was in Australia… but it was huge in New Zealand…
It was on TV2 at 8.30 on a Thursday night… and I was allowed to stay up till 9.30!!!

Pat Courtney on 3ZB had a little ditty he’d play over the intro…

Get, get out of bed now, get out of bed… don’t dream all your life away

Put a smile on your dial with 3ZB

Pat Courtney’s on your radio…


Oh my, haven’t heard Every Little Thing for years! You’re right it was a QFM song that’s for sure.


another Paul Mac featuring Peta Morris song lost to radio “Just The Thing” I recall FOX8 playing this clip as a filler between programmes, and Channel [V] used to have this on high rotation when it was released.


Reminds me of holidays in Melbourne in 01/02 when Te Secret Life Of Us was all the rage and Just The Thing was on high rotation on Fox/Nova


Even though Buzz Cason was from the USA, this song was only a hit in Australia.

Haven’t heard it on the radio for years.


From the album of the same name… I’d forgotten about this little gem until I heard it on 77.4 this afternoon :slight_smile:


Great song released in 1989/1990 or thereabouts. So I must have heard it on FM104/4MMM and maybe even B105 and QFM. My question is why don’t we hear the less mainstream songs like this on classic hits radio these days or even the “new” Triple M? They were played back in the day.

Radio playlists have really narrowed.


Hunting High and Low / A-Ha played just now on Absolute 80s. Great song and much lesser known than Take on me and The Sun Always Shines on TV.


“Love Is All” (Butterfly Ball) Roger Glover.

I have heard this on OMG! a few times. Every time I hear it, it straight away takes me back to the ABC in the 1980’s when they had a few minutes to fill in so the next show started on the half hour. Very nostalgic for me.


That’s where I know that song from! ABC filler in the 80s.


Under My Skin- DEBORAH CONWAY. Heard just now on my “home-brew” countdown from 8 December 1991. You can take a listen here.


A top track on C93FM… at their height as a CHR power house. Also received lots of airplay on ZMFM and radio Avon at the time too…

Funny that this track also became a staple during C93’s Classic Rock incarnation in the 1990s…