Songs lost to radio


So why is it never part of their regular rotate?


Good question - perhaps the length.


The 45 was 2.23



You should email them and ask them to play it. They actually do respond most of the time.
Good song. Yes I remember when KROQ became Gold. Similar when QFM first changed to Star 106.9 they initially went with 60s music but gradually included 70s, 80s and 90s softer songs.


This song was arguably bigger here in Australia than anywhere else in the world…

JJJ thrashed it…


B105 flogged it when I was on holidays up in Queensland around that time - very different from a lot of other Muse I find


Speaking of Muse, I heard Time is Running Out on Triple M the other week, and it made me think that that song hasn’t exactly been played much in recent years. Around 2003/04 it was huge, being played just about everywhere (JJJ, MMM, the pop stations too). It was the song that propelled Muse to the worldwide fame they now enjoy, but it disappeared quickly especially once the later albums were released

Pity too, it was a great track from an absolutely wicked album in Absolution


Green- ALEX LLOYD. It’s a pity that “Amazing” is the only song played these days; some of his other tunes are more solid melodic rock numbers and good radio fodder.


110% agree my friend - this was a far better song and still sounds fantastic even 15 years on. Unfortunately this kind of music went underappreciated by yours truly at the time, whose appetite for heavier stuff wasn’t adequately met by Lloyd’s soft-rock sounds, but looking back later on he did produce some good music (recent Brownlow medal live performances aside).

‘Amazing’ for what it’s worth isn’t a bad track either (but not as good as this one), however its horrific overplaying both at the time of release and the years since have dulled any shine it might have had


One Tree Hill ~ Right now on Mix.

Kiwi classic… seldom (if ever) heard on Australian radio.


Louise (We Get It Right)- JONA LEWIE
Not A Day Goes By- RICK PRICE

Say what you will about that Rick Price song; I think it’s a great piece of melodic pop rock.


Hey I’m not one to judge RE the Rick Price song :slight_smile:. But personally I’m glad it’s lost :slight_smile:


I knew I’d get canned for that! I prefer to look past the cheese and concentrate on the music. Richard Marx, for whom Rick Price supported in Australia, is another artist in the same vein.


Rim FM had tongues wagging last year when they mentioned there was a famous guest in the studio…

Their only clue was that he was ‘Not a daygo spy’…


I really like Rick’s “River Of Love” hit from the same era.

Richard Marx as you said, another artist from the late 80s-early 90s with a similar style of music with the same first name (essentially).“Hazard” has been making a bit of comeback on the radio lately, but “Take This Heart” is a great song of his that has been lost to radio pretty much since it charted back in 1992.

And I agree about the cheese and the music. Michael Jackson of course, one of the most eccentric musicians we’ve ever seen, but recorded some of the best and biggest ever songs.


that Hotels Combined ad makes me want to vomit

Hazard was a much better song


Don’t Mean Nothing is my favourite Richard Marx song, another which is rarely- if ever- played.

Rick Price hails from Beaudesert according to Wikipedia. I agree with “River Of Love” too; 2EC used to play it occasionally but I don’t hear it at all now.


‘Should’ve known better’ still the all time best… last heard (for me) when Magic 882 was doing its own thing in 2015…

California Aircheck had Chet Buchannan on KZZP utlising the full 38 second intro back in 1990… weather, traffic reporter, competition winner… absolutely brilliant…


Don’t Mean Nothing is a great song. So is Should’ve Known Better.


Speedy Gonzales by Pat Boone

The entertainer by Marvin Hamlish
Fever by Peggy Lee?

Haha from 1SM. Have a listen, some old songs are really good.