Songs lost to radio

The first compact disc I ever bought (it was in 1986, just a few days after my parents got a CD player) was the Thompson Twins’ “Here’s to Future Days” and “King for a Day” was the main track on that album. It had one extra track not on the vinyl LP “Roll Over”. The CD cost me $30 in 1986 which equates to $81 in today’s money! CDs were a high end item in those days!


FOXTEL Music plays good music.

I think you can still also stream it on the Stingray app in high fidelity at 320 kbps.


Funny that… CDs are now generally around $20-22 for new releases.
Ones that have been out for a while are often cheaper.

And LPs, which back in 1986 were $13 are now generally over $40.

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Does anyone got some rare finds on MTV Classic?

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Was surprised to her Amiel - Stupid Lovesong on Nova the other night. Great song. Of course, it was only played late night (after 10pm) when they play all the Australian music. :roll_eyes: But at least they played it and it was good hearing it after all this time.


At about 8:30 last night, MMM nationwide (given both Metro and Regions now take Dave Gleesons show) played Elvis Costello - Veronica. Not only was it the first time in a long time that I’ve heard it on radio (it is on my personal playlist), given my Great Grandmother (father’s side, mother to my late Grandma) was named Veronica and it’s been close to 20 years since her passing it does have some extra significance personally.


In 2002, Kylie Minogue released “Come Into My World”, the fourth and final single from her album “Fever”. Nova FM, in particular played an edit of a bootleg white label remix known as the “Parkside Mix” before switching to the single version weeks later. Nowadays, both versions are rarely heard on local radio.


“Come Into My World” is one of my favourite Kylie songs.
You’re right, it doesn’t get played much anymore anywhere.


That is one of Kylie’s best. It always reminds me of the UK as I was there on holidays about the time. Believe me it was on MAXIMUM rotation on so many stations there at the time, commercial and BBC. I could barely go an hour or two without hearing it.