Songs lost to radio


The Other Woman by RPJ gets overlooked too.

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Reminded of this Aussie classic by my dad a few days ago. While I do recall the artist’s later stuff from 2009-2011, this isn’t playded anymore despite gaining Top 10 status…


Probably my favourite of hers from that era.

Though I think her 2009 hit “This Is Who I Am” was her best work. It has a bit of an 80s feel about it to my ears.

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And of course these days she has completely disappeared off the face of this earth.


Feels like heaven by Fiction Factory on SWR


Do they ever play Urban Cookie Collective?

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Not sure i will keep my eye out. Or i should say ear. My guess is yes they would into the format.


Annie Lennox ,“Walking on Broken Glass” from about 92-93


Great song. Probably the last time I’ve heard it on FM was on The Breeze

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I 've always hated MJ’s music… but I guess this is one of the few I tolerated…

In other words… I wouldn’t turn the radio off if it came on…

I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore…

Songs lost to radio:


I’m pretty sure SCA radio stations are still playing MJ music.

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Are still playing him?

Or just haven’t ‘banned’ him?

I doubt they’re ‘still playing him’…


Well Old Skool Hits radio just played The Way You Make Me Feel only 20 minutes ago.


They’re still playing him. Heard him on Easy Hits yesterday.


Meantime your more progressive cousins across the Tasman have banned him completely.

Catch up SCA.


I hadn’t realised Jackson had been charged, let alone convicted of anything.

Not saying he’s innocent but one has to follow the rule of law. Innocent until proven guilty.


Progressive, or populist?


Yeah… I am sorry for those kids now adults had their lives really badly affected (as appears in the doco) …

Some observations ,

The lawyers in the documentation were really harsh (doing their job for Michael) . Not understanding the laws in the US, whether there could of been a more confidential way to report such crimes without risk of being “sued” for defamation.

Putting those children in the court booth to declare evidence against Michael Jackson would be extremely confronting.

Wonder if they could of had a restraining order (or similar) against Michael to have no children alone in his room, even just for friendship (might be too hard to enforce) . My view , the system or laws should have better mechanism to prevent even if the children denied anything happened.

Anyway all easy in hindsight and I think I am oversimplifying a complex situation. I do agree with Brianc68 , Michael should be able to defend himself in court.

Back on topic, I am sure there are artists out there who committed bad crimes and they still get played on radio. I like to separate the music from the individual. So radio should play it in my view. But the artist should face gaol time if guilty (stating the obvious).


The new McDonalds ad reminded me to post this here…

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If that song has become lost to Australian radio, it’s probably because of Meatloaf’s infamous performance at the 2011 AFL Grand Final! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: