Songs lost to radio


That’s why I said “generally speaking” (covering my arse) :slight_smile:

It might have performed a ”Badlovian” trick and garnered lots of airplay in NZ despite not making the charts***.

***I refer here to The Badloves-Lost, one of the best songs of the 90s, received radio play but didn’t chart at all.



Technically, you’re right. It didn’t chart in the Top 50, just missing out by 1 spot, peaking at #51.




Yeah that was my recollection- it just missed by a whisker. Criminal really, when you think of the calibre of the songs at the top of the charts today and even in the late 90s.

“The Weight” (with Jimmy Barnes) and “Green Limousine” did chart iirc. There was another song called “I Remember” which was also pretty good and was one of the ‘out there’ songs that 2EC used to play (even used it on one of their sweepers).

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Take a load of fanny?



Long Hot Summer - Style Council

Just played on … wait for it… 2SM!

For a fleeting moment I thought I had gone back 35 years, and was praying for a “Rock Of The 80s” sweeper, but alas, I was brought back to earth with a thud by a female announcer with a quiz.

The song sounded good too in 64 kbps stereo.

Oh well.



Goldfrapp’s “Alive” was actually used by Ten as the music for the launch/first year or so of digital multichannel Eleven, now 10 Peach. :slight_smile:

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1988 FM104… Two for Tuesday…

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It’s pronounced ‘Goldfwapp’ (and Wocket)…

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A political pop tune? No thanks. Despite reaching #4 on the charts, most people consider “Relax” as their one-hit wonder (which reached #5 in Australia). Channel Nine did use this as the theme for their 1994 Winter Olympics coverage.



I do indeed remember listening to Magic 11 and Trevor Sinclair doing the Stimrol Top 30… and this was #1 for about 3-4 weeks in 1984…

It was the second in their Sex, War, Religion trifecta.



Weird things happened in 1984…

apart from New Order being in the top 40 the entire year…

I think I even remember a time when both ‘Relax’ and ‘Two Tribes’ were in the Top 5 at the same time… (in Aotearoa).



1988 Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves and singing hearts and flowers… I was sitting in the staff room of the NZ Pavilion at World Expo… and this came on Ch7 - Saturday Morning Live with Jono and Dano…

Song lost to Australian radio?

Absolute still play it regularly :slight_smile:



The Power of Love also charted for Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Around the same time there were 2 other songs in the charts called Power of Love - Jennifer Rush and Huey Lewis.



Huey Lewis all the way between those two! I couldn’t stand the Jennifer Rush song at the time, haven’t tried listening to it since!

The Frankie Goes To Hollywood version was okay, been ages since I’ve heard that too.

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I’m a big fan of the Frankie song.



Air Supply also did a version too…

2SM played it when they were going through their REO Speedwagon phase.

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A huge hit on Radio Avon and 1323ZM in 1985… Celebrating the androgyny of the 80s…

Made it to #5 in Aotearoa…

And then it disappeared…



I have that on my phone!

Along with “The Glamorous Life”.

Both good songs. quintessential 80s.



A shame that radio only really plays “Get Out Of My Dreams” and “When The Going Gets Tough”.

I recall “Caribbean Queen” being released as three different versions for different parts of the world, “African Queen” and “European Queen” being the other two.



Indeed. It went to #1 over there, whilst it just missed the top spot in Australia, reaching #2.