Songs lost to radio


This actually gets a whirl not that infrequently on 97.3 here in Brisbane. Of course it’s the cut-down single version which decimates the song, but granted it would be tough to program the 12 minute album version on metro commercial radio


Sandii and the Sunset singing Sticky music on hhh fm.
Calling your name by Marilyn


Such rarities!

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Imagination- DENI HINES
Search For The Hero- M PEOPLE

Both of these were fairly standard in the late 90s, mostly on stations like Mix 106.5, but I haven’t heard either in a long time. I usually prefer the rockier side but don’t mind these tunes. I’m not sure if Smooth plays them at all.


Didn’t think I’d be hearing Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” on radio ever again after the Finding Neverland revelations. Watched Tracy Grimshaw’s interviews with a former Jackson insider on ACA at 7pm and left home straight after to head to the shops. “Smooth Criminal” was the first song to come on WSFM as I drove off at 7.15pm.


Alien Ant Farm’s cover plays oftenly in Canberra (Hit 104.7 and Mix 106.3), and I haven’t seen MJ’s original play. Here it’s basically Billie Jean, Thriller and Black Or White,

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I wish this had charted in Australia… 9Go!'s original (and legendary) theme song has its music video (recognize the neon dancers?) played pretty often as a filler (after a December iTunes release), just because Noise produced it for said channel. Easily a possible indie Top 10 hit…

P.S: I need to find out when it stopped airing… Here’s something interesting:


E=MCSQUARED Big Audio Dynamic on SWR


We’ve talked about “Two Tribes” and “The Power of Love” before (rare radio airplay), but FGTH’s first single (Relax) isn’t oftenly played on the radio, but I did caught it playing once.

Not sure which MV is the one Rage plays oftenly…


I do hear “Relax” on the radio quite a bit, I think it would be their most played song by a fair margin.

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Paloma Blanca by George Baker Selection on HHH fm now.

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7 Seconds by Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry on abc grandstand.


A great song. I used to hear it on the regional Greatest Hit stations every now and then :slight_smile:

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Always an amusing song to hear, when placed on hold - and I have experienced that and you do start counting the seconds!..

Although I hope one day to have that topped by Gotye’s Thanks For Your Time (complete with Telstra on hold classical music…).


Black and White Michael Jackson on wsfm. Interesting maybe Michael Jackson is not lost to commercial radio. I need to check 4kqs countdown if it has Micheal Jackson songs.

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Yes 4kq’s countdown has 6 Michael Jackson songs.

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This Aussie classic is mostly lost to radio, although in the past i’ve heard it in a car ad and recently an excerpt in a breakfast show on Mix 106.3.


That one certainly isn’t lost to my iPod :slight_smile:


Gets a run during 4KQ’s events like Easter 1000 hits.


Same here! Love that song too!

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