Songs lost to radio


Don’t forget ‘WILD Nights’ that also aired around the country on other radio stations. River 94.9 used to in ‘01/‘02. I’m sure Wild FM was also on the TCBL on 97.3 in Brisbane too!


This song i dont think I have heard on radio. Its very catchy.


That is a good tune. I like their follow up hit- ‘Nobody Told Me’ - better, though. The old-timers here will recognise the Blakeney twins in the video clip.

Both Monitors songs are in rotation on the Forever Classic stations, particularly 2XL/GN and 3GG.


I need to listen to forever classic more often.


Yes it was a big hit back in the day. It gets a spin on 4KQ occasionally


Most of the time songs on this thread appear here when many believe they shouldn’t. Tonight at about 10:20PM EST (unsure if this corresponded with times in the EDST zones), the HIT network played a song that probably is lost to radio for a pretty good reason…


What are you kidding me?, S Club Party is a great song, although very cheesy. It peaked at Number 2 on the Australian charts in early 2000 & Rachel Stevens is still a babe even though she must be about 40 yrs old now.


I love S Club 7. There’s nothing better in the car than an an S Club 7 song turned up loud. Real loud.


Do any of you wiser Melburnians remember this one?

It made the bottom of 3XY’s Top 40 in October 1981.

I must admit that I’d never heard of Mr. Cozzo before. I see on StreetView that his “Foot-is-gray” warehouse is still there complete with a grand mural paying homage. This is a nice touch which would certainly not go down too well in Sydney.


I don’t remember that song at all (a little before my time), but Franco Cozzo certainly is an institution in the Victorian capital (and anywhere that got Melbourne TV) with his multi-lingual ads for horribly unfashionable European furniture and his accented pronunciation of the relevant Melbourne suburbs. The store in Footuscray is sadly run down these days (the white in the Italian flag is looking much more an ugly shade of rusty brown) and is I believe for sale


At 9:15 this morning, as part of a series of Cold 10’s the MMM Local Works stations in Qld were playing, they would have heard this song that I probably haven’t heard played on radio for at least 20 years…


Yeah well the Irish did have a win in the Rugby League today… so just paying pre-homage.


I first came across the Stereophonics (quite late as it turns out) when I heard Capital thrashing their catchy ditty ‘Have a nice day’ back in 2001… I remember mentioning it to a friends in Australia at the time and they said it was far too ‘poppy’ (no pun intended on remembrance Sunday)…

  • Pom radio has arguably always been more ‘pop’ than us
  • Capital even once had a slogan ‘Pure pop’

But in 2005 I remember hearing ‘Dakota’ on Radio 1… then later on Capital… I remember thinking oh wow… this is rocky enough it could even be a hit here!

I haven’t heard it for a while on Australian radio (it’s probably considered too cheesy now)… but Absolute still play it (and usually sandwiched between other great tracks)… when they do… it sounds awesome. I crank it!


“A Thousand Trees” by Stereophonics was played fairly regularly on MMM back in the day; it’s quite a rockin’ choon. I do remember hearing “Have A Nice Day” on the radio, too (mostly on New FM Newcastle).


Ah Johnny Logan won Eurovision with this song for Ireland, although he’s actually Australian by birth.
Hold Me Know is a guilty pleasure but is actually a very well crafted pop song with some pretty intense pitch changes so would be hard to sing. It might be a “lost” song on mainstream radio - although I heard it as a lost classic on 4KQ a month or so ago - but it gets played a lot on Easy Hits DAB.


It’s funny that you should mention “Dakota”, because I actually heard it on a local radio station about a month ago! Yeah, I agree that British radio is generally more “pop” skewed. Australia has always generally leaned more towards “rock” than the UK and even the US, to a certain extent.


91.3 ZMFM… 1986…


At 12:31 today, the MMM Regionals would have heard this song for the first time in goodness knows how long (I considered putting this in at least 2 other threads but I feel this is the most appropriate)…


The original 2MMM has probably never played that song in its 37 year history. Triple M branding is so all over the place.

Imagine if in regional NSW Coke was raspberry flavoured but in Sydney it was cola flavoured

Imagine if Dominos in regional NSW sold hamburgers but in Sydney they sold pizza

Imagine if Triple M in regional NSW played Celine Dion but in Sydney they played rock music. Oh wait.


There is a reason why it has not been played in so long :smile: