Songs lost to radio


The Triple M brand is officially over if they’re playing Celine Dion anywhere. They’ve really ruined it.


That Gold Coast music log is a shocker mate.


Triple M hasn’t traditionally been strictly rock.

Following the demise of 2SM, they started playing a bit more Top 40, including airing Take 40 Australia, which meant almost anything could have been heard on Triple M.


Coming up next on Triple M we have a Celine Dion triple play…and at 5o’clock this afternoon it’s our country music hour…
MMM is becoming more like WTF


At 4:15 yesterday afternoon, the regional HIT network in Qld would have heard this ditty that wouldn’t have been played since the year of release…


MMM Melbourne had a short-lived more pop format around 1990-91, I remember hearing Mariah Carey’s hit “Vision of Love” and Amy Grant’s “Every Heartbeat” on it (both songs are staples at TT-FM/Mix FM) at that time. They had “Top 8 at 8” which played poppier tracks (most requested) and in 1991 carried Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40 from the US on Saturday nights.

And in early 1996 when Barry Chapman ran MMM they had a cross between JJJ and 2DAY FM playing some edgier music, they even poached Andy Glitre and his JJJ show “The Rhythm Method” (which played dance music) across to MMM and also Richard Stubbs’ breakfast show from Melbourne was networked to Sydney. It was all short lived, and ratings plummeted, Melbourne at least returned to its more familiar classic/modern rock format shortly after.

Radio History
Radio History

Well another song long thought lost was dusted off by MMM Rockhampton at 11:14AM this morning.


Personally that should stay lost :slight_smile:
I reckon that’s Bryan Adams’ worst song by a long way.


“Everything I Do”’ is my least favorite of his.

“Summer Of 69” is not far behind because it’s way overflogged in my books.

But I do like “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”, “Only Thing That Looks Good On Me” and “Please Forgive Me”.


“Summer of ‘69” should be binned permanently👎Never to be played again by any radio station


Ever heard on Australian radio?


Great hit and it was definitely on high rotation on Sydney’s rock radio leader - The Rock of the 80s - 2SM


I’ll freely admit I never heard it on 2SM. It was 1987 afterall. Magic 11 had died. 2SM was probably sadly also dying by this time?

But I’ll take your word for it.

I never heard it on Stereo 10.


But you’re right - great hit :slight_smile:


The year was 1988. The city was rocking with World Expo. The place was alive.

And FM104 had this pounding out of our collective speakers.


Yeah great hit. I recall it from the time so it must have had some airplay. Most likely on Stereo 10 but I wonder if FM104 might have also given it a spin? Not really their usual style but occasionally they did stray, especially where Elton was involved.


Yes a quintessential FM104 song that one (Wonderful Life)


11530 (Rock, huh, flex) The concert line - 24 hours a day it’s yours… Sydney’s gig-gig-gig-gig guide… 11530, from Moove and Sydney’s concert leader - the rock of the 80s 2SM.


Here’s one I’ve just thought of:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard “That Ain’t Bad” (or any of Ratcat’s singles, for that matter) being played on the radio. It’s strange that it doesn’t receive more airplay, because like I explained in greater detail here, it was such a significant milestone in Australian music. It was largely responsible for starting the '90s alternative-rock movement.


No way. I suggest you’re exaggerating.

Ratcat were highly over-rated, at a time when Australians preferred to listen to Frente.