Songs lost to radio


Also heard this morning on Koool (Melbourne DAB+ station)


The bloke on Radio Caroline who presented my top 15 countdown the other day had no clue who Mi-Sex were- in fact, he incorrectly pronounced it “Mee-Sex”! Clearly they didn’t quite make it to the UK.

KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Digital is another good station which those folk outside of the culture capital can’t enjoy.


The Corrs are another forgotten artist from the mid-90s. Thrashed in their day, even the biggest hits off their debut album rarely see the light of day now.


Are You Jimmy Ray? - Jimmy Ray
Coma - Max Sharam
Hook Me Up - CBD
Sky High - Newton
Not In Love - Enrique Iglesias
Number One - Margaret Urlich


That Margaret Urlich song was really flogged in its day and now completely disappeared


Not quite true ,97.3 flog the track 'Runaway ":confused:and "Leave Me Breathless "."Forgiven not Forgotten " is my favourite song from The Corrs but I never hear that one played​:confused:


“So Young” and “Only When I Sleep” would be my favourite Corrs songs.


I have to confess I really don’t like any of The Corrs songs


Caught Rebel playing Betterman - John Butler Trio this afternoon

I have to confess that the bluegrassy sounds of JBT were never really my thing when they were popular, but this song is a notable exception. Hearing it on radio today was even more notable given it wasn’t a massive hit at the time (it was one of those songs that grew in popularity well after its initial release, it even ended up in the top half of the Hottest 100 of all time a few years back)


As i’ve mentioned before, I’m getting so sick of the same old Aussie shit on Triple M GHD.

It’s just so annoying to hear the same old Aussie crap over and over. It really is. The rest of the mix is perfectly fine.

Barnsey’s River deep, mountain high needs to be banned from radio, as does Mark Lizotte’s ‘Write on the tip of my tongue’ (lol).

But I will freely admit there’s probably an argument for some quality Australian music to be played.

Here’s one song lost to radio that Triple M GHD should be playing rather than that other shit.


I’ve got to agree with there mate. Radio over the years have killed these songs. There are better songs from Barnsey and Diesel to play then these songs.


Good to see you are slowly coming around. Have you ever had an opportunity to listen to Aussie Digital from Melbourne? Being 100% Aussie music means a much bigger cross section. Mind you, they can rely too heavily on certain bands, Skyhooks and Dragon het a lot of air play.


When Will You Fall For Me- VIKA & LINDA.

There’s a good Aussie track that’s lost to time, but not out at Bourke where it aired on 2WEB just now. These lasses were singers who accompanied the Black Sorrows.


Caught this one today, been a long time:


“Coma” is a great song. It’s strange that radio stations don’t play it more regularly. It peaked at #14 on the ARIA charts in 1995, so it’s not as if it wasn’t a successful hit! :S


Lol ~ Dragon 100% Aussie… haha


Thought that would get your attention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There was a time when Wild FM absolutely dominated the inner city…

I’ll never forget hearing neighbors cranking it and going shopping and hearing it play in shop after shop…


I used to work in a department store, and as soon as the latest volume of Wild CD came out, it would be on high rotation in the audio visual department. Certainly some club classics that crossed over into the Top 40 at the time. Volume 5 c1998 is the most memorable for me!


The story behind WILD FM is even more interesting - they were a station with a temporary community radio licence, but it was a great little earner for the station owner, Anthony Gherghetta, who sold CDs using the WILD name. Here’s an article from Media Watch which alleges how this arrangement netted the station owner at least a million dollars, with the actual station getting relatively little in return.

Eventually, the ABA decided not to renew WILD’s broadcasting licence due to it being too commercial. FBI Radio - a proposed non profit community station, was granted a permanent community radio licence.

With the rejection from the ABA, Gherghetta then got 300 of his supporters to sign up for FBI Radio memberships in an attempt to stack the FBI general meeting, presumably to install him as the general manager of FBI radio and continue making bank for himself. You can read about that in this Sydney Morning Herald article.

…and today, FBI is still there on 94.5FM.