Songs lost to radio


Sex as a weapon.

I played it once on 96.5.

Got three complaints lol.


Probably never a hit in Aus… but big on 3ZM and Avon in 1985…


Complaints really? Don’t they realise Sex As a Weapon is actually a protest song about the advertising industry using sex to sell products.


If it’s 96.5 in Brisbane, I could see why such a song wouldn’t fit in with their family values.

Propaganda- Duel is a great track- a British hit if I’m not mistaken. NZ radio picked up a few more from the Ole Dart than this side of the ditch.


“Duel” by Propaganda reached #21 on the UK singles chart back in June 1985, whilst it reached #17 in NZ in October that same year.

Sources: Official Charts (UK) &


I’m awaiting the day that Triple M GHD plays this gem…

But I feel like I’ll be waiting a while, because they seem obsessed by playing every single mediocre Aussie b-side known to humankind…

I am so fucking sick of hearing Mark Lazotte, I’m going to throw my radio through my wall… he was shit back then and he’s so fucking shit now.

Triple M GHD seem to also be obsessed with that shit Barnsey Motown album.

Enough already.

Fucking cut your Aussie quota…

And play more decent music.


I agree re Time Bandits, but I still like Johnny Diesel And The Injectors / Diesel / Mark Lizotte too.

The first of which I would like to hear more songs on the radio other than “Cry In Shame”…

“Looking For Love” for instance deserves more airplay.


No, not in the slightest, they’re all shit…

Triple M GHD feel for some reason to have to play about a third of their playlist with this wishy-washy Australian swill.

It’s shit.

Ricky Gervais used to joke about the XFM playlist as having too much INXS… and quite rightly…

Most Australian music is absolute second-rate shit.


I totally disagree with you there mate. One reason why I listen to Australian radio is because they play Australian music.


Same here… that’s the main reason why I don’t stream o’seas stations much at all.


From some of your other posts I gather you’re not Australian? Really keen to know what’s behind your hatred of Australian music, and perhaps with the help of other MS members, suggest some Australian artists which could turn your mind around.


I think he (or she) is a Kiwi…


I suggest tuning to 5045 kHz for some very underplayed- and quality- Australian music. OZY Radio is a new shortwave station doing a fine job of broadcasting all Australian music across the world. There’s also Aussie Digital on DAB for when you’re next in Melbourne.


I agree there are a lot of great Australian artists and songs. Unfortunately I also agree with him that most stations, in particular Triple M GHD do seem to play only the lamest ones though most of the time. Although I have heard Kids In The Kitchen occasionally for example. They do need to dig a bit more and find the better ones. Eg what about MI-Sex, so many good songs.
But to say that all Australian music is bad is just complete rubbish.


Seriously mate you must be having a laugh. Sure there are some shockers and everyone has their own personal taste, but really?
The Church, Divinyls, Icehouse, Renee Geyer, Eurogliders, The Saints, The Church, Machinations, Moving Pictures, Real Life, Go-Betweens…all sh#t? Really? Move on mate. And that’s before getting into the one hit wonders - Dear Enemy, Koo De Tah, Little Heroes…
As for INXS getting played on Radio X (UK), I’m sure you’re aware INXS, Midnight Oil and Men At Work get played all over the world, particularly North and South America and in Europe. While they may not be my personal favourites the worldwide airplay speaks for itself.
I’m as big a fan of 80s New wave as you seem to be, and that genre was pretty big in Australia too, but you’re doing yourself a disservice not to dig a bit deeper into Australian music. A lot of it is awesome.


I’m loving listening to Triple M GHD… it’s a great station… just awesome variety… For example, to follow ‘Shimmer’ with ‘American Pie’ is innovative…

The majority of my office can sing along to both… and it’s so much better than the Mcdonalds ‘background’ radio that 97.3 is at work.

But do we really need a third of all songs on Triple M GHD just the same old Australian drivel?

It turns people off. It’s just pure tokenism when played at such levels. Goanna (Solid rock) get’s so annoying when heard repeatedly. So does ‘Eagle rock’.

Ease back.

Australian music is best in small doses.

In saying that, now I don’t mind a little Deborah Conway… every so often… and maybe that’s it…

Australian music on Triple M GHD, once or twice an hour… and then it’s special.


Mi Sex are Australian?



We do confess that we like to call many great Kiwi bands as Australian :blush:


Probably can’t happen for licensing reasons, hence why we have to listen to the same old stuff most of the time.


Well they are definitely borderline. They formed in 1978, released one single in NZ and then relocated to Sydney in mid 1978. Their first hit But You Don’t Care was recorded in Australia and all subsequent songs were too. They were also arguably more successful chart wise this side of the ditch with Computer Games No 1 here but not in NZ.

But you can take them out of the equation if you like.

I think Triple M GHD plays above the Australian music quota - by choice it would seem. For me it’s not about the % it’s about the songs they’re choosing.

Actually I’m not even sure there is a quota on Digital Radio. There had been a 3 year moratorium on it.
And the actual quota depends on format. Classic Hits is only 15%, Classic Rock 20% and CHR is 25%